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Sunday 16 October 2016

Ken's brother, David's rabbit and a postcard from Peru

Our blogger Chewy wrote a wonderful piece about The Element of Surprise in Coronation Street this week. He refers to the fact that storylines are more exciting when we don't know what's going to happen.

Added to that, we've noticed that since Kate Oates took over as Producer, there have been a few historic references to past characters on the show. And it's not just characters - Weatherfield County FC and The Zambesi Club have been mentioned recently too. 

This week we heard Ken refer to his brother's footballing trophies and so for those who might be scratching their heads thinking: "Ken had a brother?" here's a little bit about him from Corriepedia:

David Barlow (Ken's brother)

David Barlow was the younger brother of Ken Barlow. Born in 1942, he followed quite a different career path from Ken, getting his first major break as a professional footballer for a club in London before returning to Weatherfield in 1965 and marrying Irma Ogden. After sustaining an injury which ended his football career, David bought the Coronation Street Corner Shop and ran it with Irma until 1968 when they moved to Australia so he could resume his footballing. David and Irma settled down in Australia with baby Darren but in 1970 both David and Darren were killed in a car crash.

In addition to Ken's brother being referred to this week we also had proof that Emily is alive and well and living it up in Peru when Ken received a postcard from her.  And David's dead pet rabbit Barney got a mention too, well sort of, when Gail guessed David's password for his laptop.

It's all good stuff and bodes well for the tenure of Kate Oates at the helm of our favourite soap.

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PoidaPete said...

It makes me smile to see them reference Corrie history, makes me glad Kate Oates is at the helm and sailing us into what looks like a good future for our favourite soap.

Tvor said...

I love references to the past! 55+ years, and it's important to pull in some of the history now and then. Realistically, you don't forget the people and places and events in your community or your family and you do talk about them. I really hope they find a way to make a mention of Hilda Ogden. We have see the old "murial" when Sally's redecorated Number 13 once, some years ago.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I like the references to the past, it's normal. That was the beauty of was a program about normal people doing normal things. Granted, Coronation is now one of the most dangerous streets in Weatherfield with all of the murdering going on...wonder what the number per year is. Certainly up from the days of David and Irma Barlow's time!

Jo said...

I used to live literally around the corner from Alan Rothwell (David Barlow).he's a really nice man, always had time for others. I dont remember him in corrie too well but it would have been nice if the character wasnt killed off and he came back from time to time.

Unknown said...

I remember getting into a cab in cheadle hulme and Allan Rothwell was the driver. I asked him why he was driving a cab, and he simply just said, its hard being an actor, you need constant work etc. Hope he's OK now.


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