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Sunday 9 October 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 3 - 7

Bully Boy award: Lauren's dad beat up David. Why didn't David go straight to the police?

Cover Band name win: Herman's Hermit Crabs and Manfred Woman. It doesn't get any better than that!

Shot yourself in the foot award: Audrey wouldn't go out with Freddie so he asked Rita, which made Audrey very jealous.

Pants on Fire award: David lies to the police that he wasn't the one that revealed Clayton's name all over town. Vinny lies to Eileen that the "client" who sold him the fake passports is a flat-buyer for Number8, only she found out Rita bought number 8.

Suspicious Minds: Eileen doesn't trust Vinny. He talked his way out of the casino stop off, pretending a client is interested in Flat 8 but later, she found out that Rita bought Flat 8. Someone has some 'splaining to do.

Fast on his Feet award: Todd did do the 'splaining and he came up with a pretty credible story on the fly. Phelan's good at that too.

Fashionista award: Rita!

Throwback award: Do they even have internet cafes anymore? I suppose they must but there certainly aren't as many of them littering the streets.

Best Defence is a Good Offence: Phelan knows just how to keep Eileen in line and keep her trusting him.

Fanboy award: Tim and Steve in deep hero worship and fighting over whose friend Tommy Orpington is. (It *is* quite funny, though)

Lines of the week:
David "When I said I'd see a grief counsellor, I was basically saying "shut up, Mother"
Vinny to Eileen "You brainless, stupid, irresponsible bint" (which rolls right off her shoulders)
Tyrone "Looks to me like you've pulled, Rita!"
Fiz "'Ave it large, Rita!" Rita "The only way I know how!"
Gemma "I'm like an old peoples' carer crossed with RoboCop" (isn't she just!)
Phelan "He went to a casino, not the Swiss Bank"
Norris to Freddie "Straighten your back, Quasimodo"
Audrey to Freddie "C'mon now, the truth. Otherwise it'll be the Chinese Whispers version in 3 days time" (that's the gossip mill version.)
David "My life means nothing now and someone has to pay for it"
Phelan "The things we do for money" Vinny "At least it's a lot of money"

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Maricha said...

I found David's lack of complaint to the police odd but then again since he wants to be free to cone and go as he pleases to get his revenge it wouldn't do to risk having them drop by anytime for follow up questions or requesting his presence at hearings.

Anonymous said...

And also he did "cut" Laurens hair

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I know there shouldn't be any "stars" in Corrie, but to me, David will always be the star of the show.....he always gets the best lines but not only that, he knows how to deliver them. Absolute line of the week "My life means nothing now and someone has to pay for it". Excellent stuff!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Jack P S is an outstanding actor given the right script. Often he just does his panto 'Shining' face: head down, eyes up and glinting. Might as well have a billboard saying 'This is where I turn evil'. I wish Gemma would tone down as she's becoming over-powering. Tim and Steve were funny for a while but, you know, these guys are in their 40's. When the writers do *funny*, they dollop it on with a trowel.

Canadian watcher said...

Jack Duckworth was silly and soft-hearted beyond his 40's, 50's, 60's and I loved it. How many years did he wear those taped-up glasses? Maybe it's humour of a by-gone era, but I, for one, hope Steve and Tim stay silly and soft-hearted for years to come.

Anonymous said...

The actor playing Tim looked like he was going to burst out laughing during that scene in the photo above, must be good fun for cast and crew.


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