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Wednesday 19 October 2016

Underground Coronation Street in the Bistro Cellar

ITV Coronation Street have put online the plans for the Bistro Cellar.  It's a new set that was specially built to cage David Platt this week and stop him from trying to kill himself and Clayton Hibbs.

Above is the model and below are the plans.

Now then, I'm not an engineer but I'd love to hear from someone who is or knows about these things.  The Bistro is built in a unit under an arch of the viaduct. Is it really possible that there would be a cellar under a viaduct?  Wouldn't having a void under a viaduct undermine the structural integrity of the viaduct - which is, after all, a bridge to carry trams? Maybe I need to get out more.

Just a curious thought!

In the meantime, here's David in the cellar!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The Joinery collapsed because of a gas explosion. If there had been a cellar, wouldn't the building (or at leas, part of it) have dropped into the cavity?

Tvor said...

I wondered if even a viaduct might need a foundation. David hasn't gone down that many stairs so it isn't down as deep as the cellar under the Rovers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that TPTB consider us as nit-pickers, but then again they were the ones that took the time to build a scale model of the cellar that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It's along the same lines as the suddenly expanding bedrooms, but maybe if they just stepped back a bit and realized that we are such devoted fans that we realize all this bits and pieces. And that is why we keep watching and loving our show. Just please don't ask us to ignore common sense and believe that suddenly a cellar appears. Never mentioned before in the tram explosion or how about when Gayle ordered all those olives. If they had a cellar then wouldn't it have made sense to store them in the cellar?. Or even we sometimes see wine cases stored in the office. Would have been better to store in the cool, dark cellar?

Maricha said...

FN, I agree with Tvor, I can't really tell by the plans but if the cellar is only under the Bistro which is under the arch of the viaduct, it wouldn't be supporting it anyways. The space under the Viaduct's arch isn't supported by the Bistro.
Is the cellar bigger than the Bistro above it?

Cobblestone said...

The cellar itself seems constructed of arches. I'm no structural engineer, but arches on top of arches have been used since Roman times (think of some of the great ancient aqueducts). Yet I can;t think, for the life of me, why a cellar would have been built there - unless, before the coming of the trams, the area was once home to a market that needed cellarage?

Anonymous said...

Unlikely to be like that in real life.

Jez said...

Where on the current set was this created? The prison set for Jim, and Fizz & Tyrones bedroom were both in Roy's Rolls I believe (?)


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