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Saturday 15 October 2016

Corrie weekly update: David, Barney and the video of doom

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Jack P Shepherd as David Platt has played a blinder this week, an absolute blinder. He’s setting us up for an explosive week next week in which David will go all out for revenge against Clayton for the murder of Kylie. But this week, it’s all about the planning. He buys an old car from Tyrone. He flicks a lighter menacingly by the prison gates. He drives Nick’s car into a pile of boxes. He records a goodbye video for his kids. And that video, oh my word, if Jack P Shepherd doesn’t win every soap award going for that video then I’m a tea-pot. In one take, that one actor delivered a monologue in tears that was worthy of every single award going, or that ever will be. Gail finds the video, of course, even though David had password-protected it with the name of his long-gone bunny rabbit Barney.  Gail puts the Platt clan on alert that David is thinking not only of killing Clayton but himself also. Nick wonders what they can do to stop David from self-destructing. Fear not, for Gail has a plan!
Elsewhere this week, I can’t have been the only Corrie fan to have been yelling at the telly: “Steve McDonald! Take the flaming test!”  Jim rings Steve with the news that he’s been diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy, a muscle-wasting disease. And, it’s possible, Jim said, that the disease has been passed on to Steve and Andy too. If Steve does have the disease, it’s possible that Amy might have it. And of course, that Steve’s two unborn babies might have it too. There’s only one way to find out if Steve has the disease or not and that’s to have a blood test. But no, he won’t. He’s scared and he refuses. In the meanwhile, Michelle gets herself worried sick that she’s carrying a baby with a disease and when Leanne finds out, she’s worried sick too. And Steve? “Take the flaming scan!”
Peter Barlow gets a mention in advance of his return next week to the street. He’s supposed to turn up to watch Simon being presented with a footy medal at school but he misses it, of course, in typical Peter style. He rings Ken and tells him he won’t make it after all. Speaking of King Ken, he decides to go off to Italy on a Grand Tour, the likes of which Deirdre was never that fond. Ken’s also been helping out Tracy in the florist shop this week. In a wonderful scene he takes a call from a customer wanting to buy a corsage for a prom. Well, this sends Ken into a rant down the phone about the Americanisation of British culture, the likes of which we’ve never heard before. It was wonderful stuff, and of course, Tracy has a fit when she hears it. When she finds out that corsage order would have been worth a few hundred pounds had she been given it, she wonders how wise it is to let Ken help out again.

Over at Streetcars, Eileen wants her job back and Sally insists that she goes through the full interview procedure. Tim does the interview and of course Eileen gets the job, as if there was ever any doubt.
Faye gets a new boyfriend this week, a young lad called Seb. When Anna finds out she goes ballistic. She’s absolutely furious with Faye, mind you, Faye did fib a little when she offered to babysit Jake at Izzy’s place just so that she and Seb could have the place to themselves. Anna walks in on them, of course, and finds Faye and Seb snogging on the sofa so you might expect Anna to be a little taken aback, but she gave Faye hell right in front of Seb too. It was nasty, awful stuff, as we’re coming to expect from Anna now.  To make amends and get to know Seb properly, a dinner at the Bistro is arranged. Kev and Tim are there, as is Sophie, Anna and Faye. Seb arrives late, with an expensive present of a new top for Faye. There’s something about him that isn’t quite what it should be and I’m sure we’ll find out what it is very soon.

Sophie gets a call from Rosie who’s in Miami. She offers Sophie the chance of a long holiday out there with her, but Kev’s not keen to lose Sophie from the garage. Finally he gives in, after Sophie reassures him that she’ll not turn out to be like Rosie. She tells Kev: “Rosie was away with the fairies long before she went to London!”.  I wonder who’ll take on Sophie’s job in the garage while she’s away?

And that’s just about that for this week.
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CK said...

That scene with Anna screaming her head off was so awful. Poor Faye. Then that stupid 'family' dinner with Sophie whining away omg I had to fast forward through it.


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