Friday, 21 October 2016

First-look pics: David's escape in Coronation Street

This is the moment that a deranged and vengeful David Platt finally escapes from the Bistro cellar to carry out his lethal revenge plot.

Viewers have seen David locked up in the cellar by Gail, Nick and Sarah as they tried to stop him from killing himself and Kylie’s murderer Clayton Hibbs.

But in tonight's (Friday 21st) episode David manages to break free and, driven by his thirst for revenge, he manages to get into the death trap car that he has already filled with petrol containers.

As these pictures show, Gail and Nick desperately try to stop David driving off in the car but armed with a lighter he threatens to blow them all up unless they move out of his way.

Is this the end of David? Tune in tonight’s explosive episodes to find out.

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Jez said...

Straight up and over Dev's skip?

coconno196 said...

Ah yes, there had to be a reason for it being there...

Tvor said...

Of course! The pieces are starting to fall into place.

Anonymous said...

I was also beginning to wonder why it was there, it was only mentioned when Norris threw some junk in there which Dev retrieved and publicly handed back to Norris.

Cobblestone said...

And what little Norris had tried to stash inside the skip would easily have fitted into his own wheelie bin, so there has to be a greater significance.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jez you picked up on it just right. It was the skip. I didn't see that one coming which is a surprise because usually I spot them a mile off.

Tvor said...

Yep, the skip was why the car rolled. Excellent.

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