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Monday 10 October 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 10th October

It's a change tonight from Steve's comedy storyline to drama as he discovers that his dad has Myotonic Distrophy. He leaves it until after the thirteen week scan to tell Michelle, who tries to be strong for Steve's sake, but breaks down at the bus-stop and confides in Leanne. Steve and Michelle ask Rana (in a rare break from sashaying around, tempting Zeedan, and having secrets that are never quite revealed) for more information and she tells them to request a genetic test from the GP. Leanne is now also worried and so she and Nick ask Steve 'round to ask him about taking the test. Steve, who is already stressed for himself, Amy, and his unborn child, reacts badly, telling (yelling at) them that he's not going to take the test. He may or may not have the disease, but he becomes more Big Jim-like every day.

I was going to say something about Michelle's cast-off-from-Barbara-Dickson maroon blouse, but it doesn't quite fit with the serious tone of this storyline.

Fortunately, then, there's some comedy when Evil Phelan persuades Eileen to go back to the cab office so that she doesn't spend £100K on curtains, coat-hooks and maybe some of those "Love Life Laughter" posters for the fake flats, and Tim (Sally) decides she need to be interviewed for her old role. Tim (Sally) has prepared some questions about why Eileen is right for the job and how the boss likes his tea, which Eileen answers satisfactorily, and she's back in. Tim should have started with "Gypsy or Bourbon - which is the best cream?"

Meanwhile, David is binning off his responsibilities at the salon to go recce the courthouse in preparation for Clayton's trial. Playing with Max's toy truck seems to give him an idea, but what?

Anna is this week's winner in the Having Too Much Interest In A Relative's Love Life competition, as she disapproves of Gary's intererst in Sarah. She stirs it with Gail, who questions Sarah, who is getting ready for a gym (Gary) visit. This is before she finds a) Bethany's diet pills and b) out that Gary knew about them. She chews him out: "Don't come near me or my daughter ever again!" but we know this is only a small obstacle on the road to Romanceville.

With this and David's disappareance, Gail escapes to the salon to moan to Audrey who tells her that she's getting too old for these family dramas. Doesn't Aud just take herself off to Grasmere Drive and hunker down everytime the Platts go into tailspin? Anyway, by the time Gail gets home, David is preparing a chippy tea for the kids, and Bethany and Sarah are curled up together on the sofa. Crisis averted! For now anyway.

It turns out that Anna should have been keeping a closer eye on her other child as Fay(e) offers to babysit Jake whilst Izzy goes round to Anna's for her tea. Never trust a teenager doing a selfless act; it turns out that Fay(e) has other intentions, which is to invite a boy round for sofa canoodles. As we know what happened last time Fay(e) had a boyfriend, this seems like a bad idea, something with which Anna concurs when she catches them at it. "I can't going through that again"! she yells. Neither can we, Anna, neither can we.

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Anonymous said...

Steve's position at the end makes no sense. The episodes left me cold tonight, more misery all around.

Anonymous said...

Ahh I still love Tim - with that silly grin on his face & that glint in his eye, I would just love to meet him in person. Thank goodness for Tim otherwise 2 really dreary episodes.
I can understand why everyone is upset for their own reasons, but right now I'm not very fond of:
I know they want the best for their children & family, but sometimes you just have to listen to other people's point of view & explanation and just let them come to their own conclusions without shoving it down their throats. Like the old saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Genuine question. If a woman thinks her unborn child may have an inherited medical condition, can she go to a NHS/private clinic for testing? Does Leanne really have to wait for Steve to be tested?

abbyk said...

As compelling a character as David is, he was really off tonight. I don't like where this is going. He loves those kids to bits, it makes no sense to be basically calm all summer and then come up with OTT revenge. Esp as he was in juvenile, he should know that as a minor, Clayton would never receive an adult sentence. He should also know that killing him or Macca would be a one way ticket to the big house. Gail and Nick, maybe bringing in Billy, should have forced him into therapy immediately, not 3 months later. Yes, Gail is stupid and Nick had his own issues, but David is a troubled young man. Always has been. Kylie's murder should have snapped them into action to save him.

Not looking forward to the return of harridan Anna, although I appreciate where she was coming from. Tim and Kevin were the saving graces tonight. Anyone who can bring out Eileen's fun side deserves a prize, and Kev was great with mystery boy. I think he kept Anna from committing a felony.

Anonymous said...

Good question,Humpty Dumpty. I would imagine one could seek testing on one's own. I also keep hoping for the possible bombshell to come out about Steve not being Amy's father as Tracy would not agree to a DNA test. Concern for her daughter gives Tracy a good reason to have Amy take a DNA test so could possibly open up more interesting and twisted stories. Also could give good reasons for characters to have personality changes-Steve could go bonkers as he adores Amy, Liz could go bonkers as she was making such a big thing about not being allowed to publicly claim Leanne's child as her grandchild, Amy could be devastated and turn into a little EMO/Goth chick. Tracy could just go berserk.

Maricha said...

If Amy isn't Steve's who could be her father? I think she looks a bit like Robert. Imagine if she was Roy's after all? You could hear Tracy's shreik all the way to the moon.

Maricha said...

You're right, with David's history his family should have taken him to grief counseling starting even before Kylie's funeral. Nick had some if his own problems to deal with but what were Gail and Audrey doing that they couldn't think of that?

Anonymous said...

I just don't think Roy and Cathy characters work. Roy and Hayley stories often ended up with them being somewhat downtrodden or getting the bad end of the stick and now it seems it's just Roy who is being dumped on by Cathy. They don't seem to have any common interests and she pushes him into things just to keep herself happy. Of course there never will be another Hayley character, but for goodness sake get a character who at least understands Roy and shares some of his interests such as music or literature. The character is indeed a little quirky but that doesn't mean he should only get an oddball partner. How about a Drama teacher or an English teacher who Ken also takes a shine to then we can have another triangle Ha!Ha!

Anonymous said...

Maricha-I thought right from when Robert showed up again that Amy really does look like him.I kind of expected there would be a story around that angle but so far it has not materialized. The only other possibility that we know of was the gardener who was pretending to be very rich.I think he was Grandma Blanche's beau first then Tracy hijacked him for his non-existent loot. At the time I believe the story was that he had either had a vasectomy or just could not produce a child but hey-it only takes one little swimmer. It wouldn't be the first time that a person thought they could not have children and were proven wrong. Happened to a friend of ours years ago-caused SUCH an upset for him and his wife but it all worked out in the end and everyone was delighted.

Anonymous said...

I read a few articles on the web about MD and yes, testing is possible on the unborn child however there is a slight possibility that the pregnancy could be aborted by the test, much the same odds as an amnio on older pregnant women. There are always risks involved, so unfortunately a decision has to be made weighing all the pros and cons.
I laughed out loud about the suggestion that Amy turns out to not be Steve's daughter, now that would make for some great storylines - I do so hope they go there. It would be priceless.

Louby said...

Barbara Dickson? The singer? Was she famous for wearing maroon blouses then?!! ­čść

Maricha said...

It's true that I don't understand why it seems impossible to find someone who shares Roy's interests. For a time it seemed that would be Mary and that Hayley was even gently pushing that along but they dropped that entirely to bring in Cathy who acts as though everything should revolve around her and her problems. So tiring.

Maricha said...

Having Robert be Amy's father would be something else. It would force a reunion of sorts between Robert and Tracy which would be great because I think they ended that relationship much too quickly. It's also ridiculous that Robert is benefitting from Tracy's blackmail by having the Bistro and yet can't forgive her for her behavior.

Pat said...

I thought Anna's rant at Faye was totally over the top. Anna is such a nasty woman underneath all this pretending to care about other people.


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