Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 19 October

MICHELLE CAN’T BELIEVE LEANNE’S DUPLICITY. Michelle tears a strip off Leanne for breaking her trust and blabbing to Tracy - how will Leanne worm her way out of this one?
ELSEWHERE Clearly upset, Beth tells Mary how she’s supposed to be starting her community service but wants to lend her support to Craig as he’s giving evidence in court today. As Gemma and Craig wait nervously to be called into court, will Beth arrive in time? Worried Anna tells Kevin that Peter’s back in town and she reckons he’s going to increase her rent but Kevin’s solution surprises Anna.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Leanne was just stirring up a mighty hornet's nest which will probably lead to revealing the true father of the baby. In TVland secrets never stay secret.
Kevin will probably invite Anna and family to live with him and Jack. It's going to be a mighty squeeze. Faye could have Sophie's room until she gets back, but then what?

Anonymous said...

Whatever Leanne's motivations are for telling Tracy about Michelle's illness and Steve's genetic disorder,I'm glad she did.
As Amy's mother,Tracy has every right to know about the MD illness and ME ME Michelle and Steve should've told Tracy about it themselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree they should have, if Steve wasn't man enough to do it himself then at least MeMeMichelle should have talked to Tracy without Amy being there, just in case.

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