Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Coronation Street first look pic: Will Ken survive?

A devastated Peter Barlow sits by his father’s hospital bedside convinced he has caused the stroke which has left Ken’s life hanging in the balance.

Corrie viewers last night saw Ken collapse in the hallway of number 1 during a row with his errant son who had returned to Weatherfield out of the blue.

Convinced Peter is up to his old ways, after finding him sneaking in the house in the middle of the night, Ken tackled him about the real reason he is back on the cobbles.

But rather than explain Peter went on the defensive and the pair had an almighty row culminating in Ken’s shock collapse.

Tomorrow night (Weds 19th) Peter and Tracy are told that Ken has suffered a stroke and that the next few days will be crucial to his recovery. But Peter is worried that it was his row with Ken that caused the stroke.

Will Tracy find out about the row, will she blame Peter?

The drama continues on Weds and Friday this week as the Barlows struggle to cope with the aftermath of Ken’s collapse.

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Patrick said...

This element of surprise is just what Corrie needs.

Maricha said...

Now that came out of the blue! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Well, not quite out of the blue since Helen Worth had already said the other day that he has a stroke and it was subsequently reported in the press. But it was very well done. Did they inject Bill Roache with something to get his face to drop like that I wonder? It was very effective whatever it was. I knew Peter would be trouble! Horrible character.

Tim said...

Re Helen Worth letting the cat out of the bag - the actors are so used to the public being told everything that is going to happen that she probably didn't know that she shouldn't have talked about it.

Anonymous said...

Time for HW to go..she's getting as batty as her character. I'll bet the new producer was impressed...not. Ken's stroke will turn out to be next to nothing except and of course, will draw attention to the signs of stroke in the elderly which is important.

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