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Monday 24 October 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 24th October

It's the morning after the night before as everyone comes to terms with what's happened. David is wracked with guilt, as is Robert, who feels that he should've called the police, or done something to stop David and his roadtrip of revenge. Gary is more conciliatory, telling Sarah that he knows it was an accident, whilst ageing terrier Kevin threatens Audrey and Bethany before finally turning on David. It's not surprising, given that he has just heard that Anna will undergo skin grafts, but could suffer from flashbacks and PTSD when she comes out of her medically-induced coma. It's up to Tim, fast becoming the official Street voice of reason, to try and talk his friend down.

However, there's definitely more trouble ahead as Gary and Sarah become closer, and look to soon be the Romeo and Juliet in any ongoing Platt/Webster-Windass feud. Robert, though, is persuaded against telling Kevin and Gary why David was driving so fast with so much petrol after he hears the verdict from the court - Clayton is guilty and so David will stop seeking vengeance. "I did it all for nothing," he laments. The guilty verdict pleases everyone (apart from Macca), although Robert wonders if David is "any better than the lad that got sent down", worrying that they'll all be accessories once the police work out what went on.

Michelle reaction to the explosion is to become her most self-righteous self, turning on Amy, Peter, Steve, Leanne, Robert and finally Liz, over the course of the two eps. She's mad with her mother-in-law because she inadvertently reveals to Amy that she, Michelle, is pregnant. "I'd just like to have some control over who knows what!" she says, little knowing that she is the one who's missing a vital piece of information. She is angry with Steve for telling "sober as a kite - I mean, a judge" Peter that he can stay on the Rovers's sofa, as he's been kicked out of number 1 by Tracy, who discovered that Peter had an argument with Ken just before the stroke. Ken, however, asks Peter to stay. Michelle briefly drops her general indignation to bond a little with Robert (a man whom she hated a few episodes ago), but then storms out when he says Anna has it worse than her. I do wonder if the powers that be are setting up Michelle and Robert (once she finds out the truth about Leanne's pregnancy). They could share hair-dye!

Over at the factory, it's time to pick up the dropped stitches of forgotten storylines. Yasmeen discovers that Sharif gave Alya the money for the embroidery machine, the one that neither she nor Sinead know how to use, and Johnny finds out that Aidan authorised the purchase of said machine, and is upset about it, staunchly supported by Jenny, who seems to be trying to move from cleaner to knicker-stitcher to Johnny's right hand woman in the office.

Meanwhile, Aidan has been helping Kirk look after little Liam, even being mistaken for a couple as he and Kirk take Liam to the Red Rec (Aidan would rather date Nick "Pigging" Tilsley, as Eve puts it). More disturbing for Aidan is Eva sending a photo to Maria of Aidan reading a bedtime story to Liam, which Maria thinks is cute. We all know how obsessive Maria can get. Talking of, Caz tells Kirk she'll be out of the flat as she's going to stay with a friend in Nottingham, but do we believe her?

Finally, Newton and Ridle have introduced new beer-mats featuring famous Mancunians. Noted frminists Tim and Steve admire the Emmeline Pankurst one, but Gemma mis-identifies Anthony Burgess as Johnny Marr. "I used to like the Charlatans," says Kirk.

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Anonymous said...

While I really did enjoy the eps tonight I still have a few questions: why was Leanne being such a b**ch with Nick? - nothing happened to her and it was totally OTT. Where was Michael during this whole debacle? - surely he is the one with the sound mind, kind heart and the ability to diffuse a terrible situation, then again, maybe I just answered my own question - if Michael had been there it probably wouldn't have been as "explosive". Why is Peter sleeping on the Rovers couch when obviously there is a free bedroom as Aidan has moved in with Eva? - they are great together and I really love how they interact with all of the cast, young and old. And unfortunately Gail has reverted back to her usual self thinking that the sun only rises for her youngest son and the rest of the world be damned. Too bad, for a moment last week I thought she had finally seen the light and grown up. Alas such is not the case.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What an appalling family the Platts are! Is this what we’re actually supposed to feel? Some may see Gail as the strong parent, deluded but determined to keep her family safe. That might have worked in a street where honour counted for something but all the mothers are written the same way. Beth trying to persuade Craig not to give evidence, Anna protecting Gary by sleeping with Phelan, Deirdre always siding with Tracy. Is there not one mother on the Street who will say to her child: ‘You did a bad thing, now own up’? I can only hope that, in the end, David goes to the police to confess.

coconno196 said...

Totally agree Humpty Dumpty, I'm sick of all these mothers protecting guilty, criminal, immoral offspring. I have no children myself but if anyone in my family committed a crime I'd expect them to face the consequences.

But there was some great comedy tonight. I laughed out loud at Kirk's tale of him and Aidan being mistaken for a gay couple and Kirk playing along. Also the scene with the beer mats and the misunderstandings and misidentifications.

Martin Leay said...

I enjoyed the Johnny Marr comment tonight and Kirk's confusion between Anthony Burgess and Tim Burgess!

Anonymous said...

On Michelle and Robert: "They could share the same hair-dye". Just perfect! Your comment has made my day.

Robin said...

I recently binged watch several episodes so may have lost track of 'real time', but wasn't Macca in hospital for major bran surgery.....and now he's out at the trial,sneering at people and looking right as rain???

Flo said...

I'm getting sick and tired of them showing medical personnel talking about a patients prognosis in front of them when they are unconscious. That is not accurate at all. I have had several different people in my life who have been in this situation and it was emphasized over and over again to NOT do that because when someone is unconscious, you don't know what they may or may not be able to hear. Get it right. And yeah, Macca made one heck of a spectacular recovery!


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