Sunday, 16 October 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 10 - 14

End of his rope award: David. My heart breaks for him.

Troublemaker: Anna stirring things by telling Gail that Sarah has a new boyfriend. And later, she really went over the top on Faye after finding her with her new boyfriend. It was really unnecessary to be that vicious about it.

Backfire award: If Nick hadn't been so officious with Steve, Steve probably wouldn't have dug his heels in and refused to take the test.

Anecdote of the week: Gold Tooth Isaac. Some questions, you don't ask. Superb!

Glass half full, glass half empty: Steve's plan of attack is retreat to avoid the bad news. Tim's is to advance, because there's always a chance of an all clear. I'm with Tim.

Lines of the week: 
Anna about Faye "She wasn't acting very grown up last night, was she?" (Well yes, yes she was. More than you were.)
Liz to Steve "You've got a lovely little McDonald growing in there" Michelle "I sincerely hope you're talking about me" Liz and Steve: awkward laugh.
Liz "It looks like you've lost a shoe and found a sock"
Michael "I don't pop up as well as I used to. What're you going to do, throw me on the scrap heap?"
Michelle "I always think about Steve. This time I have to be selfish" (*This* time? there's a reason we all call her ME-chelle. But I'm with her on this one, actually. She does need to know)
Tracy "Flying business class on Bacon Air, is he?"
David about his car "You won't find many Bond girls draped over it but it suits me"
Sophie "I'm not coming back as Kate Moss"

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Anonymous said...

Anna has well and truly become the most loathsome of characters. I sincerely hope Faye finds the actual support she needs in Tim and turns her back on Anna forever.

Anonymous said...

I'll play devil's advocate and defend Anna.
Granted she may have overreacted but keeping in mind that Faye was pregnant at 13 and was sneaking around with her new boyfriend using babysitting Jake as a cover no wonder Anna was incensed!
I also agree with Anna not approving of Gary dating Sarah who isn't exactly pure either.I wonder how soon before Sarah is pregnant with Gary's child?

coconno196 said...

For lines of the week, I rather liked Tyrone telling Gail about David's car purchase: "he went all Little Britain and kept saying 'I want that one' ".

Maricha said...

I agree. The only thing I wish Anna had done differently is kick the boy out first. People are forgetting that Faye did something very dangerous when she was pregnant with Miley: she only confided in Craig and tried to have the baby without assistance. She could have died.
And frankly, since she had absolutely no feelings for Miley shouldn't she realize that it means she's too young for boys and needs to focus on school? Miley wouldn't even be 2 years old, Faye is still a child. Anna's child.

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