Saturday, 29 October 2016

Corrie's Hilda Ogden ducks up for sale

Post-blog note:
Although these ducks are listed on eBay as 'original' we have researched the item and can confirm they are not the original ones shown on Corrie. They were produced and sold as a marketing gift for the ITV Values of Fame campaign.
Someone is selling Hilda Ogden's "original" ducks on eBay. 

The seller says this: "I have for sale the original Hilda Ogden Flying Ducks (Mallards) from the TV show Coronation Street, circa 1964-1987.

These were gifted to my mother in law by her boss Mr Nick Milligan, Managing Director of Sky Media at the time, who was sadly killed in a boating accident with his family. The ducks were sold at an ITV Charity auction with a reserve price of £2500.00 as can be seen from the photos. They are still in the original box from the auction addressed to Mr Nick Milligan at Sky Media.

The recent passing of Jean Alexander, the actress who portrayed Hilda for many years has reminded me that these are sitting in a box in the attic collecting dust, when they should be with a real fan or collector.

We have had these valued by an auction house so reserve the right to remove from sale should the reserve price not be met."

Current bids start at 99p and you can bid to win them here.

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Adam said...

Original ducks? Weren't the truly original ones brass??

Peter said...

I can tell you now they are NOT the original ducks. Tony Warren brought the ducks in himself and were put in Elsie Tanner's house in the first episode. Elsie later gave them to Hilda. When she left in 1987, the ducks were packed up and stored away in the vault. One duck in in perfect condition, one is slightly broken (a crack) and one sadly was destroyed. I don't what they are selling but it is definitely not the originals. Someone's been had.

Graham Hall said...

Definitely not the real ones - as the gentleman above said, they were brass or at least brass coloured.

Louby said...

Those ducks above look like they have something round their necks. There are plenty of photos of the mural on the web including this one
Looks like someone's trying to make a fast £, with Jean's name recently brought back to people with her passing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Louby you silly goose! That's just the packaging.

Louby said...

Oh dear, senior moment lol 😁

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