Friday, 21 October 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Friday 21 Oct

Masquerading as Beth, Mary dons an orange tabard and does Beth’s community payback to allow Beth to go to court and support Craig. As Craig enters the witness box he’s buoyed to see Beth in the public gallery. But Mary finds herself in hot water when the community supervisor asks Mary to sign Beth’s work sheet… how will she get out of this one?
ELSEWHERE Audrey confronts Caz and tells her that as Maria’s friend, landlord and employer, she wants her out of the salon flat, how will Caz react to Audrey’s demands?

MARY GIVES CRAIG SOME SAGE ADVICE Craig hugs Beth and telling her how much he’s missed her, he has a question he needs to ask...

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Anonymous said...

Sick. Depressing miserable episodes. Life long Corrie fan - I'm off, this is NOT Corrie. I thought the last producer was bad, this is another level.

abbyk said...

Respectfully disagree, Anon. Yes, the plots are a bit of a stretch but the caring and relationships were back, the neighbors weren't just isolated family groups, and that's the Corrie I've been missing. Add in fewer than expected spoilers and Tracy acting like an adult and I'm one happy fan.

Peter said...

Tracy being the mature one, was a good surprise. Anna's future will be long journey. Very good episodes last night.

Rapunzel said...

How good is spoiler-free Corrie?? I was riveted. Superb performances too. Can't wait for next week.

Anonymous said...

What's with the hollywood feel to corrie last night? David oрening his eyes like in a horror film, CGI exрlosions - anna on fire, whimsical music - is this the future of corrie? I'm very disturbed with the direction our beloved soaр is moving in (John H)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, if this is the future I'm out. It was the cumulative effect of it all too, totally far fetched bollocks that belongs in the movies (which I avoid). It was a misery fest from start to finish.

Ancient corrier said...

Mmmm! The scenes on emmerdale and Corrie were pretty amazing but I can't help thinking that this is not really suitable watching for early evening soaps.
The Anna thing was step too far.
Can we now please get back to normal gentler storylines.

rozzibee said...

I thought Corrie was brilliant last night. Had no idea any of it was going to happen. Can't wait to see what happens next,

Tvor said...

wide eyes like in a horror film, cgi work, mood music. Sounds like Tram Crash week to me. It was as good last night as it was back then. Miles better than several of the recent fire/explosions over the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me? I didn't think Tracy's behaviour was particularly mature. Yes, she took the grandkids to see Ken in hospital and promised to return every day, but only after throwing Peter out. Wasn't she doing the usual Tracy-thing, claiming the spotlight, pretending to be more important to Ken than his own son?

Maricha said...

Honestly, considering that Ken had a stroke during a quarrel when Peter was, yet again, trying to excuse his deplorable behavior by attacking Ken on things that happened in the distant past, I think Tracy was right to toss him out. She's Ken's child too (biology isn't everything) and has certainly spent more of her life with him than Peter has.
Ken doesn't need to come home to Peter underfoot alternating between sobriety, drinking to assuage his guilt and trying to outrun whatever made him come back.

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