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Sunday 30 October 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 24 - 28

The Way to a Man's Heart award: In Kirk's case, it's either pizza or a puppy, preferably both!

Clueless award: Aidan thinks Kirk is a mug for babysitting his nephew on his day off? Really? I bet he's also the kind of man that thinks looking after your own children is babysitting, not actually parenting.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Michelle giving Amy grief about listening in on a private conversation. You know, the one she was having out in the hallway instead of huddled behind a closed door somewhere that was actually... private.

Secrets and Lies award: Nothing good ever comes of keeping a relationship secret.

Hot and Cold award: Michelle. She's ruder than a rude thing to Robert one minute, then pouring her heart out and leaning on him for advice the next.

Throwback award: Seb seems to be a little thief. Years ago, Toyah had a boyfriend that tried to get her to steal from Roy. Are we going there, again? A boyfriend trying to lead Faye into a life of crime?

Fashion Plate: Dev looks quite snazzy, doesn't he? Well, he thinks so, at least.

And the Oscar Goes To: Caz for all those performances about Maria harassing her.

Lines of the week:
Gail "David, when it comes to the workings of your mind, nothing would surprise me"
Gemma to Craig "Don't get any funny ideas, but will you hold me hand?"
Foreman of the Jury "Guilty!"
Kirk "As if I'm gay! It's hilarious! I wouldn't even know what to do!" (And somehow, I believe him)
David "I'm not going to do any more mobile barbeques if that's what you're worried about" (Eek! That was a bit too near the mark, wasn't it?)
Beth to Kirk "Come home and be my pickle again" (It worked!)
Michelle to Leanne "Until you've walked in my shoes, you can't tell what it's like" (Yes, I think Leanne is doing exactly that though of course Michelle doesn't know that yet)
Michelle "I just couldn't cope. Does that make me the most selfish cow in the world?" (well, the temptation here would be to say Yes, Yes it does but that's not fair in this situation. )
Johnny "I don't want a quote of the day, I want results"
Tracy "Are you saying I'm not a decent human being?" Robert "I'm saying, prove it" (I know he meant prove that she IS decent but it sounded like he wanted her to prove she wasn't. Ahem. She's done plenty of that already!)
Sarah "I'm a big girl. I think I can visit a woman in hospital without hanging my brother out to dry" and "I spend my whole life tiptoing around because of David's mistakes"

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Maricha said...

Faye's too spineless not to end up in a life of crime. Wasn't she already in trouble with the authorities for bullying Simon to keep a friend happy?
If Sarah has been tiptoeing for David's sake all this time I'd hate to see what happens when she clomps around.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Does the puppy come from the same owners as the other Corrie dogs (apart from Steve's)? I'm not complaining; they're often the best in the scene.
I like Faye and her boyfriend. Anna wouldn't notice if Faye got hooked on shop-lifting. She's just worried about her getting pregnant. Kevin might be the one to spot it which would lead to fall-outs between him and Anna.

Anonymous said...

we never did find out if that lovely couple also owned Sharif's chickens? Inquiring minds need to know. It would be cute though if they did own this cute little puppy also. I like behind the scenes info like that. Makes everything seem more real.

Maricha said...

I agree, if Kevin tried to come to her with that Anna would just bite his head off. It would be like when Anna tried to force Faye to become maternal towards Miley and wouldn't listen to those hinting it wouldn't happen.Thankfully he gets along with Tim so someone would believe him and act on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Sarah ever 'tiptoeing'around for David's sake but everyone else has for her. I bet in time despite his mental state at the time,she will sell him up the river to Gary either because as she's done in the past with her other boyfriends wants Gary to move in but David refuses due to lack of room.

abbyk said...

Worst business decision ever: a tie between Alya for 'if it doesn't work in two weeks, I'll leave', and Michelle for not having password protection on her tablet, you know, the one she runs her business from.

Anonymous said...

I think most tablets and laptops have password protection - it's not an option, so you are correct. Alya, being as mean as she is right now could quickly leave before the 2 weeks are up and make everybody very happy.


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