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Sunday 23 October 2016

Debbie Rush on fire

There's a really good interview and feature in the Manchester Evening News today with Debbie Rush who plays Anna Windass talking about the stunt last week where Anna's clothing caught fire after the accident.

Debbie was determined to do the stunt herself though there was a stunt double on hand if she decided to back out. She wore protective clothing and cooling gel against her skin, of course and others in the scene were also similarly protected but she said “I had that much gel on I was freezing. I didn’t feel a thing, the adrenalin rush was amazing.”

She did have a bout of nerves a couple of times, especially after watching the stunt woman rehearse. It led to a couple of sleepless nights but seeing the stunt rehearsed and everything turning out all right gave her confidence again.

It has to be a very tough thing to put yourself throught. Full marks to Debbie  who remarks:

“When we came to do it my heart was pounding in my chest and I didn’t speak. I just focused on the fact that I was about to be set on fire and thinking I must be crazy.

“I just zoned everyone out. I had put my trust in everyone and I knew I would be safe so I just got in the zone."

It certainly was an undexpected twist to the story and I hope they're going to be as realistic as possible showing Anna's long and painful recovery. I know it may be sped up a little for tv's accelerated timeline but I'm sure they're going to do this properly.

I thought the whole week was great and the stunt with the car flipping over and ending with the explosion and Anna's injury was breathtaking. Well done to all!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was unnecessary and goulish, a step too far for a soap. If I wanted to see horrific scenes like that I would watch the films and tv shows that feature them - I do not expect or want to see them at 8.30pm on Corrie.

Unknown said...

I thought it added an extra dose of reality to the situation. It will be interesting to see how Corrie portray Anna's recovery.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I watched the scene, and I thought some of the complaints about the fire is bit over the top. From the comments, I thought her face were on fire too. It was small thing and something so common that we can find on YouTube or something.

But regardless, I thought the acting from Debbie Rush were so surrealistic and amazing. You can feel her pain and fear as she shook from the shock. Well done to everyone who were involved.

vintgal003 said...

Have loved Debbie since day performance....well done!! Long may you reign on the cobbles!

Anonymous said...

So people have issue with the word 'bastard' as spoken by David Platt but no worries of a woman screaming as she is burning.....weird.
As for doing the stunt herself....taking a job away from a professional stunt person is not commendable in my eyes.

Cobblestone said...

I really hope that last comment is a joke. Anything that the character of Anna does is Debbie's prerogative. Stunt performers only exist to cover for actors who are not comfortable doing something. There's no shortage of stunt work available for professionals, though the same cannot be said of general acting work. What's more, the stunt performer would still have been paid. I'll be directing scenes next year in a feature film involving a burning building, and applaud the actors' determination and professionalism to shoot the entire scene themselves. The choice is entirely their own.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Cobblestone. I couldn't grasp if the stunt scene comment was a wind up or not. I commend Debbie Rush for daring to do her own stunt. She would've been coached by professionals to minimise the risk to herself as there was the risk it could've all gone horribly wrong

Anonymous said...

Joseph, she'll be fine in a fortnight :-)

Diane said...

I thought everything leading up to and after the fire was great. But those few seconds of that petrol can darting across the street and that awkward shot zooming in on debbie as she flails her arms about right before shes set on fire was soooo cheesey.
I actually found myself laughing at that shot everytime I rewound the shot.

Anonymous said...

Diane, you're not alone, the Digital Spy corrie thread for that episode was in hysterics over Anna flapping about.


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