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Tuesday 25 October 2016

Halloween horror for Maria in Coronation Street

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria Connor in Coronation Street, has been interviewed about Maria's upcoming storyline with Caz in Corrie.

When Maria comes back from that London, she's going to face a nasty shock in the flat...

Maria’s flat is a bloody mess, isn’t it?
“It’s in a state and there’s blood on the walls! At first, she thinks her brother Kirk has pulled a Halloween prank, but then she realises Caz must have something to do with it. But she has disappeared.”

So why doesn’t Maria report her to the police?

“Caz knows that she married Pablo illegally so he could get a visa. If Caz tells the police, Maria could go to prison.”

But the police come to investigate Caz’s disappearance…
“And Maria tells them that Caz has gone AWOL on purpose. She knows that Caz is a little crazy, but at this point I don’t think she realises just how unhinged she is. She is mortified when the police imply she is involved in Caz’s disappearance because she knows she has done nothing wrong. She’s also frustrated and angry.”

Then the stuff about her stalking Tyrone in the past comes out, doesn’t it?
“Yes and Maria is mortified again because she knows it makes her look bad. She tries to explain that she was in a bad place back then and isn’t the same person any more. But she soon realises the police aren’t buying it and she feels like they are gunning for her.”

Do Maria’s neighbours believe she’s innocent?
“Kate, Caz’s ex, is adamant that she is guilty and says as much to the police, which is really unhelpful. Fiz and Tyrone have told the police things, too, so all this convinces them that she has something to do with it. We will see that Caz has left no stone unturned in setting her up.”

How will Maria get out of this one?
“I really don’t know and can’t believe how bad this is for her! It’s just awful. The one person who is actually there for Maria is Aidan. He is trying to help her get a grip, but she is losing it rapidly as it really is getting out of control.”

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Shells said...

I'm confused as to why Kate would immediately believe that Maria harmed Caz. Didn't Caz con Kate for months? didn't Kate warn Maria about Caz?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering exactly the same thing, Shells.

Humpty Dumpty said...

'18 - 45 year olds from Argentina are able to apply for a Work Visa to the UK. Successful applicants can migrate and work in the UK permanently or temporarily.' AND ALSO:

'If you have a passport from Argentina, you can visit these countries without getting a visa before your trip:

UK: Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 6 months'

So what was that Pablo storyline all about?

Tvor said...

Maria should be able to prove Caz stole her new credit card. Caz was shopping with it in Manchester while Maria was in London seeing the immigration people. One point in Maria's favour. I don't understand why Kate would assume Maria is guilty since she knows first hand what a liar Caz is and what lengths she went to to keep Kate on her side. STill, it'll all come out in the wash.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again,another resident being falsely accused of a crime and becomes the Street's latest pariah.
I'm particurely disappointed in Fiz and Tyrone especially Tyrone as the Sutherlands didn't believe he didn't abuse Kirsty but he'll throw Maria under the bus?!I hope Kirk reminds him how they stood by him when he was the Street pariah,
Is this the best the writers and the new producer can do?It's the same old, same old

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon 21:09 it just doesn't make sense and really smacks of same old, same old. Maria marries Pablo, why? no idea - returns to Manchester, wears lion costume to entice Luke back, then dumps Luke for no reason, then tries to rid Caz from apt - can't - runs to London, meanwhile both Kirk & Audrey try to get rid of Caz and now Maria returns and everyone believes she has done Caz in - what did she do - kill her with a curling iron?? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Maria is blamed for Caz's disappearance, but she was in London when it happened. Isn't that kind of an elephant-sized alibi? Is there absolutely no one who can vouch for Maria's whereabouts when Caz disappeared? Why would the police suspect Maria rather than, say, Kirk, who was actually there and had access to the flat when Caz disappeared? Oh, right, because Kate says so. Kate, who has had NO problems at all with Caz... Oh, wait a minute... And whose blood is on the walls? Surely the FIRST thing the police will do is test the DNA to discover whose blood it is, right? I dislike when an entire heavy plot line rests on a flimsy premise. I hope this whole plot isn't based on someone's "opinion" or gossip instead of actual evidence...

Anonymous said...

The police could test the blood for DNA but without having any of Caz' blood for comparison they couldn't rule for sure. I think maybe they need to check if the blood is human. If she isn't dead then maybe she used dead animal parts for the blood stains. Anything is possible in that crazy loon's mind.

Cobblestone said...

Wouldn't the army have records of Caz' DNA for identification purposes if a soldier dies in battle? At the very least, they'd know her blood group.
Although it's entirely possible she's used her own blood. A very small amount can make a hell of a mess - or so I've read ...

Anonymous said...

the Caz storyline just seems to be more of a nuisance with everything else going on in the street. Does anybody really care what happened to her or Maria?

Yaz said...

Being even more pedantic, how could Caz use Maria's credit card? Even if it was a contactless card it still has to be activated by using the PIN number the first time it is used.

Tvor said...

Ah, but the credit card was brand new. Maria hadn't used it yet so Caz would have been able to use the pin or create her own straightaway.

Maricha said...

What I'm wondering is how long Caz could keep up the pretense of being dead. She had no money which is why she resorted to stealing Maria's card.Caz would have to stop using it if Maria is arrested or being watched by the police or the theft would be discovered. Winter is essentially upon us, so she'd need to go to a shelter to sleep and eat. How would she avoid being recognized if her picture is in the papers all the time as a missing and possibly murdered person?
Also, wouldn't the police wonder how a petite hairdresser was able to commit the grisly murder of a trained and experienced former soldier?


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