Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Why has Eva dyed her hair red in Coronation Street?

We've had a few queries as to why Eva has dyed her hair red in next week's Coronation Street.  Well, it's for the Rovers Return Halloween party on Monday 31st October. 

When I first saw this picture of Eva behind the bar at the party in the Rovers, I thought it was a Liz McDonald flashback photo!

Here are a couple more photographs from the Halloween party we'll see on scream screen next week in Corrie.

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Anonymous said...

Surely that is a wig which Eva is wearing.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by how different Eva looked with red hair, also Liz with red hair, actually I think Liz looks better with the red than the bleached blonde - makes her look more normal, not as floozy - why don't they give it a try and see what the reaction is. It may just be more positive and take years off Liz.

Diane said...

Im guessing shes Jessica Rabbit

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