Sunday, 2 October 2016

First Look Pics: Sarah finds out a secret

Here are some preview pics from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 10 October 2016.

Noticing a spring in her Mum’s step, Bethany Platt wonders if she’s got a new boyfriend. Her suspicions prove to be correct when Sarah Platt admits there is someone and when Bethany lets slip her mum’s words to Gary, he’s secretly thrilled. However Sarah’s earlier chirpy mood darkens when a shocking discovery leaves her seeing red.

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Maricha said...

Good, the sooner Bethany's use of medication to get slim is taken care of the better.

Anonymous said...

I have watched since Coronation Street started but it is getting too dark, too violent and too depressing. Like way too many programs. Might have to stop.

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