Sunday, 2 October 2016

Corrie weekly awards Sept. 26 - 30

Inner Bitch award: Alya. That sure came out of nowhere, didn't it? She was going to be tough when she planned to take over the factory from Carla and that Alya disappeared. Until now.

Problem/Solution: Problem: Alya's blackmailing Sharif and Sonia wants a flat. Solution: Dev mentioned there's money in the gym business account. Sorted. He can do both!

Retcon award: Why is selling flowers outside the corner shop considered something new? They've been selling flowers there for decades. Did Dev stop when the florist opened?

Pushover award: Dev is so strict with those kids. He took away telly privileges. For a night. Tragedy!

Agenda award: Todd might say all the right things about Phelan and Vinny but every now and then he looks very thoughtful and I'm certain he's got an agenda.

Rock and a hard place: Todd wants to quit and be a better man. Phelan and Vinny can't take the risk. Phelan tied Todd even more to the project by pledging some of Todd's profits to one of Billy's charity.

Presumption award: Caz assumed she could invite herself to London with Maria. She was wrong. Now Caz has her hands on Maria's new credit card.

Got it in one award: Kirk was more perceptive about Caz's feelings for Maria than she was!

Lines of the week:
Mary "It's important to have a tidy rack"
Yasmeen "I'm not a jealous woman but I hate having to share my husband with his other birds!" (If only you knew)
Tracy "Don't be trying to scare me with your threats and your evil eyes. I invented that!"
Alya "There are no mates in business" (someone learned from Carla, though it seems like it was a delayed reaction)
Roy about the satnav (GPS) "I prefer not to be hectored by a machine with the voice of an android"
Tyrone about Roy "I don't think he loves her. I just think he's settling for second best"
Gail "You don't want news beamed at you morning, noon and night. It's too depressing"
Todd "Why would I lie now?" (why, indeed.)
Billy to Todd "You trust a man's character because *you* jumped to conclusions?"
Caz "Sometimes when you really love someone it just takes time. And patience" (and hope against hope, there, missy)
Todd "I'm just an honest whistle-blower"
Phelan to Todd "One way or another, like it or not, we're in this together"

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Anonymous said...

Small price to pay award: Please let Caz use that ill-gotten credit card to fund her move to somewhere far, far, far away. She could take Cathy and Alex with her. Come to that, she could take Maria with her too. It would be worth every penny!

Maricha said...

Alya never seemed like an angel to me, she just never wanted anything for long enough to show her claws but she was no wallflower at Underworld, for example with Sally.
As I was thinking that Caz would resort to putting little Liam in harm's way to save the day and endear herself to Maria, this identity theft and hopefully quick exit, is great news.
Todd is clever but unless he's secretly taping these crooks, I don't see how he'll get the better of them especially if they take off.

John said...

Wow Caz has to be the most terrible lesbian since Jenny Schecter from The L word.

Anonymous said...

Money tree? award.If Sarah was getting an income from her shares of Uncle Stephen's business in Milan,then why couldn't she pay board instead of sponging of her family or better yet get a flat long ago?
For what it's worth,after the way she framed David by planting drugs in his workstation in the salon to take the job in Milan,I think it would be poetic justice if Sarah was fleeced of the money from her shares by Phelan.Pity Todd protected her.

Maricha said...

No one ever brings up what she did back then. Then she came back and immediately took up with Callum despite Kylie and David's warnings and, of course, had his child to complicate things just that much more. She's sure to side with Callum's mother if Max's custody becomes an issue, that girl doesn't know the meaning of family loyalty.
I hope she isn't fleeced just so that she can soon move to her own flat where we'll hopefully see less of her.

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