Friday, 7 October 2016

Coronation Street Weds 5th October episode review

Hiya! As usual, it's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.  I've still got more chance of being on a calendar than being on time!

The midweek-madness shown in this episode is setting us up for what will no doubt be an extremely dramatic week on our favourite street. The first thing we see as morning breaks on the cobbles is the open back of a van (always worrying), with David and an unnamed youth discussing its contents (even more worrying). David's obsession with exposing Kylie NotMinogue's killer is beginning to get out of hand. In Monday's episode, we saw him post Clayton's identity and age online and now he has had several posters made and displayed them around Manchester. Other members of the Platt clan look on in despair as it is clear David is spiralling out of control. Typically, David remains coldly stubborn and believes that the posters were far from unreasonable. It isn't long before a police car is parked up outside number 8. I think the police have a space reserved especially for them now. David is arrested on the spot by one of those stereotypical soap police officers on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Over at the police station, the stereotypical pantomime police officer pretentiously lays into David. She's one of those soap police officers who has almost decided the character has guilty before anything has been proven. She explains that whoever posted Clayton's identity online and distributed the posters is doing nothing other than handing ammunition over to Clayton's defence team. Since Clayton is only fifteen years old, he is legally entitled to complete anonymity. The plot thickens when another officer interrupts the interview and asks to see PC Pantomime for a minute. She takes more than a minute though; the interview is paused for three hours. It apparently took three hours for the officer to be told that Clayton's brother is now in hospital. Someone has thrown a brick through Macca's window and caused him to suffer a serious head injury. Bitch officer then proceeds bluntly tells David what she thinks in an oh-so professional manner.

"Listen. We think you made the posters. We think you exposed Clayton's identity and then we think you threw a brick through Clayton's brother's window as an act of revenge. If Mr Hibbs dies, you could be up for murder"
Thankfully, Wednesday's episode was not all doom and gloom. Gemma's quest to win the Good Samaritan award continued. She's made it to the final three and is up in front of the judge's later on. However, she's not feeling confident since her competition is a fundraising copper and the other is a slam-dunking twelve-year old. And what is it she has done? I'm not entirely sure. She was nice to Rita, I guess. But so is everyone. But nevertheless, she - as she puts it- smashes it by giving a judge one of her smouldering looks. She excitedly interrupts a meeting with Todd and Rita (who is doubt about to be conned out of her money for one of these non existent Phelan flats) to give her this news.

Elsewhere, in what seems a regurgitation of a storyline from almost three years ago, Norris steps in to help teach Freddy how to dance. I assume he is trying to impress Rita. Doesn't this sound like Norris helping Roy to learn to dance to impress Hayley back in 2013? Of course, the writers have probably tried to get a comic feel out of it by showing two men dancing together. How hilarious. It's not comedy. It's just repetition.  However, things take a turn for the worst when he falls and appears to have broken his wrist. Hoorah! Oh, and Eileen got stupider and it was hinted that Phelan is going to flee the country very soon.

A decent episode which set up the drama for Friday nicely. I am looking forward to seeing where the crazy David storyline twists next. The delightfulness of Gemma always brightens up a gloomy episode!

As ever, thanks for reading!

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Maricha said...

Hmm, obviously David is behind the posters although good luck proving that, police officers.
As for the brick throwing surely these thugs have plenty of enemies -mostly fellow criminals-besides David so, again, barring an eye witness, good luck proving that.
I just wonder how Eileen and Todd are going to be able to show their faces on the street if Phelan and Vinny's scam goes off as planned. That's why I suspect something will make it fail and that only, perhaps, Jason's money would be lost. That wouldn't be good but since Jason is gone anyways,at least that outcome won't turn the entire street against the Grimshaws.

Anonymous said...

I thought Freddie was trying to imрress Audrey, he only sees Rita as a friend

Anonymous said...

I amazed at how we viewed the episode so differently - I guess it really is down to an age gap.
Personally I loved the scenes in the garage with Luke, Tyrone, Freddie, Kevin & Norris. Pure gold. They get on so well together and it really is nice to watch
Loved Rita with her 3 g&T & a dance - way to go Rita!!!!!
Gemma needs to win that silly award & be gone - adds nothing to the story - she only helped Rita 1 time with her groceries and doesn't deserve even a thank-you. What is the point in keeping her around???
As far at the building site - don't perspective buyers notice that there really isn't any work being done at the site? In a building with multiple floors wouldn't there be more that one unit with a lake view? Surely unit no 8 can't be the only one and the in the last episodes with Eileen & Pat being on the roof there wasn't any lake to be seen - so what's up with that??

Maricha said...

I don't understand the Riverview unit either. This project seems to be near Coronation Street and Corrie has never seemed to be very close to any sort of water. When Rob was dealing with the pipe he killed Tina with, I think he drove to a canal or something similar. Obviously, it wasn't terribly far but it wasn't in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

There's water all around at Media City.....have a look on Google Earth.