Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Corrie props, costumes and memorabilia to be exhibited

Over the years I have amassed a sizeable collection of bits and pieces from across Coronation Street history. For so long I've wanted to be able to share these items with fans like myself who I know would love to see them, though until now I haven't had the platform to do so.

The town in which I live holds an 800+ year festival each October - Houghton Feast, and the chairman of the heritage society which arranges this event just so happens to be Paul Lanagan of Corrie Art. In preparation for this year's feast, Paul asked me if I'd put on an exhibition of my memorabilia and OF COURSE, I said yes.

Well now, after a few busy months planning and organising, I can announce that most of my impressive collection will be displayed on Saturday, October 8th, between 10am and 1pm at the Houghton Methodist Church, Mautland Street, DH4 4BH and I'd love if you'd come along and take a look at it all.

You can see Deirdre Barlow's wedding jacket, take a browse through some scripts, snap a selfie with Leanne Battersby and see props and artefacts that have just left Granada Studios, and never displayed before publicly plus lots more.

There will be other events on in the immediate area on the same day including a parade and funfair, so why not make a day of it? Full details are on the Houghton Feast website.

I hope to see you there, be sure to say hello!  Michael.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, @MichaelAdamsUk for all the latest updates on the event, and the official Twitter accounts @CStCollection, @HoughtonFeastHQ and @HoughtonHeritag

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Louby said...

Sounds fab, shame I'm not close enough. Could you publish photos? Instagram maybe? I would love to see your collection.

MichaelAdamsUk said...

Hi Louby, sorry to hear you won't make it. Not to worry - lots of photos will be in a blog post after the event and a sneak preview of some of my collection can be viewed now at :)

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