Sunday, 3 July 2016

First-look pics: David's last goodbye to Kylie in Coronation Street

These are the images that show David’s last few heart-wrenching moments with his wife.

Kylie Platt’s unexpected death will bring devastation to the cobbles later this month, but there will be nobody more in mourning than her husband.

David will prepare to say his last goodbye to Kylie at the chapel of rest as she lies peacefully in her coffin. With Tony Stewart in the frame for Callum’s murder it looks as though David, Kylie and Sarah are home and dry.

However Kylie is uncomfortable about letting an innocent dead man take the wrap for a crime she committed. She suggests the family leave Weatherfield once and for all and put the events of the past year behind them.

But their excitement and future plans are cut short by Kylie’s unexpected death. The details of how Kylie dies are being kept under wraps so viewers can watch the events unfold on screen.

Paula Lane said: “It was very emotional to film the scenes knowing that I would never return and her death has huge consequences for David and all the family.”

Kylie’s final episodes will air week beginning Monday July 11th.

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Anonymous said...

Still don't understand why they have to kill off characters rather than replace the actor when necessary.

Anonymous said...

I think she fakes her death to get out of there.

Beth said...

Foolish if they are really killing off a character like Kylie.

susanr said...

That is what I am thinking except would she really leave Max and Lilly?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like a fake death to me.

All I can think is that the pressure is getting to her, and holes will start appearing in the "Tony killed Callum" theory, so in her mind this is the only way out to save everyone else.

I really think she's going to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

My guess is she goes on one of her benders and dies of accidental overdose.

Anonymous said...


Kristine said...

Oh, Becky, please come back for the funeral!

Anonymous said...

It'll never happen - Katherine Kelly is way too busy for that. And I doubt they could afford her now!

C in Canada said...

It would make sense for Becky to come back for her sis' funeral, but I doubt that the 'real world' will allow it to happen.

I can't see Kylie committing suicide, not after everything she's gone through. She's too much of a fighter to give up like that.

Anonymous said...

Can't shake the thought she looks like Snow White in that 'coffin'

Laura said...

But why would she do all the planning for leaving with the family then go and kill herself? She doesn't seem that tortured over the whole thing.

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