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Sunday 24 July 2016

Corrie weekly awards for July 18 - 22

Lockdown award: David can't face Max's grief, and he has to keep his own tightly locked down so he can deal with both telling Sarah, which he avoided as long as he could, and viewing his wife's body.

Musical chairs award: Parcels and casserole dishes kept getting delivered/returned to the wrong places.

Fashionista award: Alya looks great in that blue and yellow wrap.

Blame Shifting award: Sally never thought about any of her guests possibly being vegetarian until Tim make a remark in passing so she's blaming him for ruining everything!

Throwback award: Yay, there was a reference to the old but honourable Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders (WARTS!)! Sally also mentioned when she lived with Hilda Ogden!

Guessing Game award: Leanne's baby daddy reveal. She's on the street, watching Nick, Robert and Zeedan entering the pub. Then we see her outside the pub calling "daddy" but no, it wasn't Robert after all. It was Steve!

Yasmeen's Orangerie kicks the stuffing out of Sally's conservatory. Very nice!

Lines of the week:
Audrey "How do you bear it?" Yasmeen "I don't. I just carry on. And so will you"
Gemma "Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"
Sally "Rosie has a flat on King's Road! Strictly speaking entre nous, it's King's Road, Nunhead"
Sally "I'm not sure about tomorrow. I think I'm coming down with something" Tim "What's that? Hypochondria?"
Steve "I can't find me wedding ring!" Liz "Where do you think you put it?" Steve "Well if I knew that, I wouldn't be spring cleaning this place!"
Max "D'you think I'll always remember my mum?" (and hearts break all over the country)
Sally "The Mayor and his partner. I'll have to take my nibbles up a notch!"
Mary to Dev "Whilst I'm flattered, you're no Brendan!"

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous that Steve would even sleep with Leanne, never mind father a baby with her.

Leanne should get rid of it, she is not mother material.

Louby said...

Has that wallpaper, that had it's own blog post recently, now gone?!

My award goes to Jenny for telling Jonny that she didn't want to go on a late date, serves him right.

Anonymous said...

How would anyone figure Zedan might be the baby daddy? He's got a gorgeous 'young' woman dying to jump his bones and he's all stoic and 'no I can't it's against my beliefs' and would bang Leanne? Ha. I guess this is the big storyline that sees the demise of Steve in - dead.

Anonymous said...

I would like to give Sally a 'lack of sympathy'award.Her best friend's daughter-in law was brutally murdered and so she decides now is the time to throw a party with loud music with two young children who lost their living next door to impress the mayor?
I'm sorry but this storyline seems in bad taste and I'm also in the lack of sympathy from everyone else.
For example when Eva returned,the first thing she hears is about her sister's pregnancy not that her good friend was murdered?
I know life goes on but this is ridiculous!

abbyk said...

Outta the Blue Award - agree with anon 12:48, Baby Daddy Steve came out of nowhere and is totally improbable. Personally, I was hoping Leanne's baby was a souvenir of her trip to Portsmouth. Would have been nicer for Simon, and make more sense, as the whole affair happened offscreen anyway. Now Simon and Amy are going to be more than 1st cousins in an ugly way. Not looking forward to that or the 'comedy' aspect, as I don't care for sophomoric Steve. I'd never wish a miscarriage on anyone and I like Leanne but maybe this time...

Anonymous said...

Agree that it would have made much more sense to have Leanne pregnant as a result of her trip to Portsmouth; utterly contrived that it's Steve's. Let me call it now that Michelle's baby will die and there will be some fight over Leanne's sprog (custody battle, whatever). Or, they'll do a complete copy of Eastenders and have Michelle steal Leanne's baby, doing a switcheroo with her own deceased (crib death) baby.

DollybTubb said...

Anonymous 03.37 Michelle already has one switched at birth baby if you remember - the producers/writers certainly don't seem to! - so I doubt that will happen. Mind, you never know....

Kate said...

For me the highlight of the week has been David in dealing with the aftermath of Kylie's death. Trying to be stoic for the kids but deeply hurting inside. I think we will see him become unhinged in the next few months. This storyline and others have shown how strong of an actor JPS is.


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