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Wednesday 20 July 2016

In Praise of Bethany and Sarah Platt

There is no doubting the brilliance of Paula Lane and Jack P. Shepherd in their roles of Kylie and David and their ability to wholly convince the viewers of their relationship and their family unit.

But, while they have obviously taken the major plaudits, and rightly so, it's worth remembering those around them who have contributed to the whole saga, in particular, Sarah and Bethany.

At first, I wasn't too keen and the relationship of mother and daughter, Sarah and Bethany, failed to convince. But now, I am totally sold on them. Tina O'Brien, in her portrayal of a woman suffering from post-partum psychosis has in my view taken acting talent to the very top of its game, Her conviction that Callum was alive, which, with a weaker actress could have descended into grotesque comedy, was performed brilliantly. Tina O'Brien has demonstrated to the doubters that soap actors are just as good as stage actors. There is, sadly, an unpleasant snobbery which exists in acting circles, which is groundless and  I'll have none of it. With performances such as Sarah's, Carla's,. Roy's and Hayley's, to name but a few, they could easily outperform any stage actor.

Lucy Fallon, who plays, Bethany, has lately put in a tour de force. Switching between child and adult, as many 16 year olds do, she has been magnificent. She has shown much maturity and sensitivity in not informing her mother that she didn't do her GCSEs and that she was being bullied. Not wanting to pile on the agony, knowing just how ill her mother is, Lucy in her role as Bethany, has the ability to convince us through facial expression and body language, of strong, credible emotions. The naivety that she displayed in believing Lauren's overtures of friendship is a case in point. Her relief and excitement, swiftly followed by her disappointment and distress, were brilliantly conveyed.

In the aftermath of Kylie's death, Bethany has been seen looking after Max and Lily and generally being helpful. It must not be underestimated, just how much Kylie's death will have affected her. Very recently, Kylie, spotting cruel messages on Bethany's phone, tackled her and was very supportive towards her.  Though it is never to be, the two of them could have enjoyed a close friendship.

Ruth Owen - twitter @ruth1722

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T from Toronto said...

Well put Ruth! You've explained my own thoughts, much better than I could.

C in Canada said...

I agree! I was always a fan of Sarah, and was really glad to see her come back, but stroppy Bethany was too much for me to swallow at first. Now that she's toned that down, shown some maturity and sensitivity she's much more likeable, and the acting has been superb from both. Sarah does an excellent job of acting mentally unwell, I must say.

Tvor said...

I quite liked the scene Bethany had with Max when he'd wet the bed one night and she was very kind to him. I think the character has come along nicely.

Tina O. has been impressing me very much. I never really rated her all that much before but she's been very good since her return to the show. Excellent in fact.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wrote a comment praising Tina O'Brien and Lucy Fallon, though wasn't so complimentary about the storylines! On my second go, it appeared to have been uploaded. As always, I check later. It was there ... and now, on the triple check, it isn't. Of course, now the cut and paste has been used for something else, so gone forever. I realise it's nothing to do with the blog team but does anyone know why it happens?

70sStreetFan said...

I think we should also add that Helen Worth has been back to her dramatic best in this story. With Michael also on the way out,hopefully Comedy Gail can be finally put to rest now. Sue Nicholls is always terrific value. Even Harry McDermott(Max) can be very effective for one so young. In fact the sole weak link in the "family" is Ben Price who's dreadful acting was really highlighted during the last couple of weeks of Carla's storyline. But apart from him,the rest have been playing a blinder in recent episodes.


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