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Friday 15 July 2016

Kylie Platt - a little more

With a drug addict mother and an abusive father, Kylie Platt, nee Turner, did not have the best start in life. She did have a half-sister, Becky Granger, but was resentful when Becky left home.

It is worth saying that the actresses chosen to play Becky and Kylie: Katherine Kelly and Paula Lane respectively, were extremely well matched and wholly credible as half-sisters.

Aged 19, Kylie became pregnant by a certain Callum Logan, who was initially supportive of his then girlfriend, but when her pregnancy became obvious, he abandoned her. However, when Max was born, Callum returned, but, true to form, when the unglamorous reality of looking after a child became evident, he left again.

It wasn't long though before Max was taken away from Kylie, as she had no stable home in which to bring up a child. Max was placed in foster care and Kylie was only allowed limited access to her son.

It has to be said that Kylie was not a very likeable young woman on our first meeting her. Shockingly, she tried to sell her little boy to Becky. For a while, Becky, who was with Steve at the time, looked after Max and was a great mum to him. She became very attached to her nephew. Kylie then stayed at The Rovers, for a while, though that did not suit Steve and Liz, who made it their mission to get her out.

Since then, and a stint as a cage dancer, Kylie married David Platt, who could possibly be the male version of his wife. David and Kylie are rarely dull, which could be their saving grace. In both of them resides a troubling lack of stability, though things were improving on that count. With Max and Lily, their family unit seemed complete, but had the future been different, there may have been more Platt kids. Up until now though, their family unit had never been as stable. There is though, in both of them, a wildness, a waywardness in both of them, which is no doubt part of the attraction. and concerning David, in particular, a strong leaning towards amorality at times.

In Kylie's case, despite her apparent domesticity, she is clearly flawed,( as indeed we all are.) But now, she is so likeable, flaws and all. She even has real affection for her mother-in-law, and the feeling is mutual.

I won't comment on Kylie's death in this post, except to say that with Kylie gone, here is yet another tragedy for the Platts.  I can't help wondering though, if now the true circumstances of Callum's murder will be taken to the grave with Kylie? Only time will tell...

Please note - it seems inappropriate to write about Kylie in the past tense - when I started writing this post she hadn't yet died. David will no doubt leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of his wife's killer.
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