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Friday 15 July 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronaton Street - Fri 15 July

Friday 15th July
DAVID AND KYLIE LOOK TO THE FUTURE Kylie’s walking on air, excited at the thought of a new life in Barbados. When Gemma confides in Kylie how Macca and Clayton have been giving her hassle, Kylie advises her to take a leaf out of her book and cut them out of her life. David reveals he’s put the wheels in motion to formally adopt Max. Kylie’s deeply touched. David and Kylie reveal their plans to Gail. Although initially horrified, Gail eventually comes round to their way of thinking and accepts a fresh start is what’s best for the kids. But will Kylie and David’s happiness be shortlived?
GEMMA MAKES A STAND When Clayton calls in the kebab shop hoping to offload more fake £20 notes, Gemma stands her ground and throws him out. Chesney’s proud of her. But as Craig tucks into a kebab, suddenly Clayton barges his way into the shop and demands that Gemma hand over cash from the till. Gemma refuses and a scuffle ensues.
KATE GIVES CAZ THE BOOT Kate arrives home to find the army welfare officer giving Caz a grilling. When the officer reveals that Caz is awaiting a court martial, Kate’s stunned. Caz is forced to admit she got into a fight at barracks and the other girl came off much worse. Appalled at the extent of Caz’s lies, Kate rips off her engagement ring. Will Caz be able to talk her round?
ELSEWHERE Maria gently ribs Audrey, suggesting she enjoyed her date with Freddie more than she’s letting on. When Freddie calls in the salon and invites Audrey to join him for a drink later, will Audrey accept?

Friday 15th July
DAVID AND KYLIE SAY GOODBYE Will David and Kylie bid farewell to the street or will there be more drama in store for the Platts?
FREDDIE TAKES A STEP BACK With his feelings for Audrey growing, Freddie offers his support in a time of need at the Platts.
CHESNEY, GEMMA AND CRAIG EACH BLAME THEMSELVES With Kylie gone, those left on the street are forced to deal with a raft of emotions.

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Well, that has really let the cat out of the bag. Kylie's death is obviously to do with the Chuckle Brothers if Chesney, Gemma and Craig are blaming themselves for it.

Also, it amazes me how quickly (men) ie Ken and Freddie get over the loss of their spouses. If anything happened to my other half, I wouldn't be interested in anyone else, certainly after only a year.

Antiphon said...

My final guess would be that Bethany's bullies are responsible for Kylie's death and that Callum's friends are just a red herring. Possibly Chesney, Gemma and Craig notice the confrontation from the kebab shop and run over but are too late to intervene and save Kylie's life. This has the merit of not having been done on any soap before as far as I am aware, and would also draw attention to the fact that bullying can have tragic consequences. However, I could be wrong..........

Antiphon said...

Judging by the pictures on the Radio Times website with Kylie lying in the middle of the street and David running over to her Kylie might well have been fatally stabbed in some kind of confrontation, possibly by one of the bullies, although the possibility remains that one of Callum's two creepy mates might have been responsible, perhaps after robbing the kebab shop which was witnessed by Kykie who intervened with fatal consequences. However, Kylie dying during a robbery is not all that original as Ernie Bishop was killed during a botched robbery at Mike Baldwins's factory in 1978. Also, in 1989, Brian Tilsley was fatally stabbed when he intervened when a girl was being harassed by a couple of blokes outside a nightclub. Therefore, Kylie dying as a result of a fatal stabbing or during a robbery is not in itself very original; it is the circumstances surrounding it which would make it all the more shocking. If she was killed by a gang of teenage bullies this might fit the bill. Perhaps she sees them harassing Bethany and goes to intervene. One of them then produces a knife and Kylie tells her to put it down or tries to grab it from her, but the girl panics and stabs Kylie, fatally wounding her. The bullies then run off and leave Kylie dying in the middle of the street.


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