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Corrie weekly update - baby bombshell and a croquembouche

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It’s the aftermath of Kylie’s death this week on Corrie. The cops quiz Gemma and Craig while David swears revenge on Kylie’s killer. He finds Clayton, chases him down the street and over the back fences and is ready to bash his brains out when little Max shouts and David stops, dead. Clayton escapes and is later caught by the cops.  There was a lovely scene in the salon where David breaks down and hugs Kylie’s pink hoodie towards him to soak up his tears. The camera pans to Gemma sitting in the bus stop wearing … a pink hoodie. The chav mantle has been passed on.  Or am I reading too much into this and need to get out more?
Jenny and Johnny arrange a date and she gets all dolled up only to be stood up. Johnny can’t leave Kate, who’s in a state over Caz, who’s moved in with Maria. When Johnny does arrive for the date, Jenny gives him short shrift. Mind you, he does take her on at the factory as a machinist on a month-long trial.

Leanne’s pregnancy is confirmed and she confides in Steph. She also tells the dad – and it’s Steve. He’s not best pleased and offers to pay half the money for the abortion but Leanne is determined to keep it.

Sally throws a soiree and goes into full-on competitive, combative mode against Yasmeen and her orangery next door.  There’s some wonderful comic scenes when Martin the mayor and his partner Terence arrive along with Barry their dog.  The dog escapes and while everyone is looking for it out on the street, Yasmeen and Sally bond up the ginnel.  Perfect.

Sorry it’s so short this week, as the actress said to the bishop but I’ll be back next week, proper.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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