Saturday, 2 July 2016

State of the Street - June

One of the major storylines in June was the continuation of the murder investigation with Sarah tumbling into the inevitable breakdown and the exit of Jason Grimshaw. Once Callum's body was uncovered, Sarah's grip on reality slipped away like sand in an hourglass. Billy's brother's attack on her pushed her right over the edge. Meanwhile, the police are now convinced Tony Stewart is the guilty party and Jason, fearing for his and his family's safety from the wrath of Callum's mates, has left town. David is still cool under pressure but Kylie's getting rattled.

In other news, Steve and Michelle faffed around each other all month in what was frustration for viewers to watch until finally, Liz returned, hollered at Steve, Michelle nearly left town, and Maria colluded with Amy to push them back together. Tedium over.

Nick is reeling in the aftermath of his wedding crash and burn and is leaning on Leanne like he always does and sure enough, he's giving her the tired old speech about her being the one he always comes back to but this time, she doesn't want to know and she has ended up having a fling with someone. Could it be Nick, Robert, Zeedan or someone else?

For more detail and speculation, see State of the Street for June.

Tvor (tvordlj on Twitter)

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Anonymous said...

Todd left the show?

Sylvia Haynes said...

No Jason they got it wrong as they sometimes do I'm devastated they are killing Kylie the best actress ever in corrie

Sylvia Haynes said...

No Jason they got it wrong

abbyk said...

I will really miss Jason as well. He acted like a wooden stick when he first arrived, but a very pretty stick he was. RT did what it took to get the job done and with some acting lessons and chest grooming, became a loyal friend, good son and occasional dispenser of priceless insight. He could have been the next generation of Kevin Webster, a steady worker with a skill set everyone needs to hire, and family man. Wish RT well but I am glad they left the door open for Jason's return.

From the unavoidable spoilers, we know the Platts v Callum saga ain't over, just retwisting. As this whole pile of poo could have been avoided with one call to the po po (he was strangling my sister in law in my home, I hit him but think he's dead) I hope they use the opportunity to reshape this mess back into a semblance of reality. Great performances by the 3 Platts.

One other notable new thing is the friendship between Tim and Steve. They were pushed together into the business partnership by Sally's purchase but seem to work well together. I miss Lloyd but these two seem to have a good connection and a shared ability to misunderstand and annoy their ladies, all while enjoying a good brew. Just hope they don't forget Tims bromance with Kevin.

Tvor said...

Whoops, error corrected!

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