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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Coronation Street fan of the week - Louise in Yorkshire

It's time to meet another Coronation Street fan of the week.
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Who are you and where are you from? 
I'm Louise, I have lived in West Yorkshire in the Bradford area for 23 years

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I've been watching for nearly 40 years. Big stories in my early days were Len and Rita getting married and Ernie Bishop getting shot.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
Women - My favourite ever is Betty, such a wonderful, warm character that enhanced any scene she was in. I loved it when she gave advice to people. Deirdre and Blanche - brilliant separately but even better together! I often watch the clip of the AA meeting when I need cheering up. Miss them too. Shelley - another lovely warm character with a great sense of comedy. I can't believe it's 10 years since she left.
Men - Number one is Roy. He's unique. His relationship with Hayley was a great partnership and I like him with Cathy too, although early days yet. One of my favourite scenes of his was just before his birthday party that Hayley organised he was telling Anna about the last party his mother tried to organise for him (a disaster) and how the action man's uniform was "factually inaccurate". I could write a thesis about what's good about his character, but I won't you'll be relieved to hear. Alf - a great partnership with Audrey, they were like chalk and cheese. I loved his miserly ways and how he often used to chide Audrey for various things she did. Not so much high drama but a brilliant character in his own way. Jim - although at times this character has irritated my intensely, I still like it when he pops up from time to time, and I would be quite sad if I thought he would never return again!

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
The Shelley and Charlie relationship coming to an end when she dumped him in church, walked back to the pub in her wedding dress and declaring the wedding cake was "bloody gorgeous". A happy ending to the months of having to watch him psychologically torture her. Gail and Michael - although some bits of this have been pretty cringy, especially the Gavin thing, I think they are good together and like that she married the guy who burgled her house. Very pleased to read they are getting back together. Won't Eileen be gutted when Pat dumps her, which is sure to come sooner or later. Ivy's will - how she got Nick to change his name back to Tillsley in order to inherit her money. She obviously wasn't bothered about what Sarah's name was!

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
Shelley again! I'd love to see her visit with a mini-Charlie with her (I'm not sure if we know whether she had a boy or girl, did she ever get referred to again after she left?), which would annoy Tracy greatly! In general I would like to see more characters doing a broader range of things with their lives, as so many storylines revolve around relationships.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
I've never met any of the actors. But I did visit the set in 2014, with my son who is also a fan. What a shame it has gone now. If some land could have been found to move it I'm sure they could have made money from it for years to come.

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Louby said...

How weird to see yourself on the blog! Obviously the photo was taken on the tour. I was amazed at how small the Rovers set was. Hard to imagine how they filmed all those fights that have taken place there over the years.

I'm not delighted to see the Les Dennis news today!

maggie muggins said...

Lovely blog-post, Louise! A fan after my own heart, as many of your favourite characters are mine too. From Betty to Shelley, who we rarely, if ever, hear about. Forgot about her ditching rotten Charlie! I missed the Ivy years, so appreciate little snippets like this.

Louby said...

Thanks Maggie! It was fun to write it, and reminisce at the same time ­čśŐ


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