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Saturday 23 July 2016

Coronation Street spoilers for an awesome autumn

Yesterday, Blogger Emma and I attended a very special press event at Coronation Street in Manchester.  We were privileged to included in a very special group of journalists who were addressed by the new producer, Kate Oates. 

Corrie producer Kate Oates

It's the first time I've ever met Kate Oates and she is just as glamourous as she appears in the pictures of her you see in the press. She also had an air of determination about her that impressed me very much.

Talking to us all about her plans for the soap and the upcoming storylines, she made it clear that she was all about the storytelling.

And here's some of what we can look forward to seeing over the next few months!

Peter Barlow is returning. Not only that, but Ken's grandson Adam Barlow and Ken's son Daniel Osbourne are returning too.

The recent tabloid rumour about Toyah Battersby returning was quashed by Kate Oates.

Steve McDonald - the most fertile man in Weatherfield - has both his wife Michelle and one-night stand Leanne pregnant!

At Underworld, Eva wants to move in with Aidan but he has a drunken one-night stand with Maria!

And David Platt has a troubled time ahead as he is torn between avening Kylie's death and being a good dad to Max and Lily. 

There will be a big stunt in the autumn. Kate Oates said: "We are going to have a nice big stunt coming up in the autumn. It's traditional, you know! That will possibly be tied up with the Platts' story."

There is also a turbulent time ahead for poor David Platt as he become hellbent on avenging Kylie's tragic death.

Phelan has his eyes on the prize when it comes to getting his grubby paws on Jason's money, but Eileen keeps inadvertently thwarting his every move!

Bethany and Gary become close as he helps her deal with the bullies.

And here are Emma (right, looking lovely) and I (left, looking pensive!) behind the bar at the Rovers Return. We had an amazing day and it was fantastic to get to meet Kate Oates and hear her plans for the show.

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Unknown said...

Will be nice to see Peter back but hope they don't recycle the old storylines Peter drinks lets Simon down drinks some more lets see him coping this time especially as he's going to have lots of family around to help him the Leanne storyline is ridiculous as if there's never been anything remotely romantic between her and Steve even though they've known each other since they were kids totally unbelievable many many viewers not happy

Anonymous said...

Wait, what was all that palaver a while back about Michelle wanting Steve to have a vasectomy?!

Tvor said...

Sounds like you had a great day!
... another drunken one night stand. Does that mean another baby on the way? I'd be surprised if it didn't.

Anonymous said...

Michelle wants a baby and it's bam..just like that? Super Steve once again..ridiculous.

Kristine said...

The Steve/Michelle/Leanne plot device is so contrived and really disappointing. Done to death. I expected better from the new team. I can only assume that Peter and his bottle will be back to boring us to tears again before long.

Anonymous said...

The only storyline that interest me is Gary helping Bethany deal with the bullies,the rest is the same old stale storylines.
It will be interesting to see Gary perhaps become a 'big brother' to Bethany and hopefully resolved the bullying problem for good.

Anonymous said...

"The big stunt" in the fall does not make me anticipate enjoyment. Yet another fire/tram crash/ bus crash/serial killer. The fact of her calling it 'traditional' does not bode well for her tenure. Think Corrie will be Emmerdale/ Eastenders with Manchester accents.

Ryan B Oxley said...

I think Gary will be a 'big brother' to Bethany, the air of romance may fall with Luke. He rescued her once, if I remember rightly. Sarah & Bethany were slated to start with, both actresses have proved people wrong. Corrie in the autumn, looks good!

Rapunzel said...

I hope that's the role he plays, Ryan. It would be 50 Shades of Ick if they became an item.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I'm impressed with the way Tina has performed since Callum's murder, and with both Sarah and Bethany they have fortunately warmed and rounded the personalities. I hated Bethany at first and I'm glad they toned her down a lot - it's shown what a great actress she is too.

Anonymous said...

Still can't take to Bethany and it still seems highly unlikely to me that she would be the bullied. More likely to be the bully.


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