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Sunday 17 July 2016

Falling back in love with Coronation Street

It's been a long while since I last posted here, but, I think I've started to fall back in love with Corrie, these last few weeks, while not perfect, are luring me back in.

The show really feels like it is starting to pick up pace again, and I'm getting excited for upcoming episodes. Friday's episodes were nothing short of amazing, and were fantastically written, directed and acted.

The strength of some of the more recent story lines can be boiled down to one thing - we're finally not being told what is going to happen next, it's great to finally see some unpredictable twists, I hope those in charge at Corrie keep this up, as it is more satisfying to watch, when you can't predict what happens next!

I'm also to see what changes the upcoming producer, Kate Oates will be bringing into the show, I hope we will be seeing some new and interesting story lines and characters!

David (Chewy)

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Anonymous said...

Other good news, Toyah, Brian and Adam Barlow are returning.

Cobblestone said...

What's your source for this? Is it officially confirmed? I'd love to see Toyah and Brian back; and now that the Barlow's house feels far emptier, maybe there's a place for Adam too. (Nice to have done Baldwin blood back on the show).

Ryan B Oxley said...

Corrie at its best. The only minor irritation being, as we knew Kylies demise was imminent, the script did appear saccharine in places.
The only other think being the Caz/Kate debacle which appeared bland and could have made another episode, later this week.

I think the next corrie pairing will be Chez/Gemma. I like the blonde actress who says 'Auntie Beth' alot, very pretty, but dull as ditchwater. I think Gemma also have a touch of 'Cilla' about her.

Some interesting Character/ storyline rotation has made the show better these past few weeks, be interesting to see who 'leaves' next.

I am looking forward to Leanne's immaculate conception being revealed and Steve's coomedy gurning.
All cool on corrie.

coconno196 said...

According to the Daily Mirror: not Adam Barlow (Ken's grandson), but Daniel Osbourne, another of Ken's "lovechildren", mother was hairdresser Denise Osbourne. Ken would occasionally visit him. He must be middle-aged by now? I'm not surprised to hear Toyah is returning, as Leanne has suddenly started talking about her. Maybe to support Leanne with the pregnancy, but I can't see her staying long because Georgia Taylor has had a lot of success in other rôles. As for Brian, I'd rather think of him living happily ever after with Julie.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love the idea of Toyah returning, and staying with Leanne and Eva. Great potential there.

Anonymous said...

Adam Barlow is not returning....Daniel Barlow is.

Anonymous said...

Did Kate Oates have anything to do with the excellent exit of Paula Lane?

AlbertT said...

Whilst I don't think we're back to prime Corrie yet, I do think there has been a pick-up over the last few weeks. Hopefully this is the beginning of a whole new era of classic Corrie rather than a brief respite from the mediocrity we've been served almost non-stop over the last few years. Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

I've felt the same way. so much so, that I think the last month would be a great jumping on point for any new fans. I've been able to hook my boyfriend on Coronation street by binge watching the last few weeks on ITV player. I felt with all the new characters and the leaving characters and the new producer starting soon it would be a good jump on point and I was correct... he's hooked and with very little explanation could follow the stories, etc.


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