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Saturday 23 July 2016

Coronation Street Blog interview: Jane Danson and Ben Price

Yesterday, blogger Emma and I attended the Coronation Street press day at ITV Studios in Manchester. 

New Corrie producer Kate Oates spoke to us all in the Rovers Return set and gave us a hint of the storylines that we'll see on screen going into the autumn. You can read them all here.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we also got to meet some of the cast, including Ben Price and Jane Danson, who play Nick and Leanne.  They're pictured above in the Rovers talking to the assembled journalists.  And here's what they had to say!

Leanne is going to tell Nick that she's pregnant, but she won't tell anyone who the father is. However, Steve tells his mum Liz and then of course, the news becomes a pressure cooker waiting to blow.

As Nick and Leanne get back together, Jane says she's really happy that Leanne will be back with Nick. She said: "The funny thing about this show is that we do go off and we work with other people. We have other relationships and it's all great. But what's nice is when you work with somebody, you trust somebody and you actually do care about somebody.  You work well together - and me and Ben have always worked really well."

So how will the couple cope with Leanne's pregnancy?  Jane said: "They really want this to work, so they've got to be so honest with each other. Leanne has to tell him the truth and hope that he will cope with it, but Nick doesn't deal with it very well."

Ben then said Nick would eventually forgive Leanne because - they were on a break! He says: "She was single. It's just Steve. Although you've got to be able to forgive a lot in this show. Every character has to, when you wouldn't normally do it."

And speaking about the news of Peter Barlow's return and what this might mean for Leanne, Jane says: "I can tell you absolutely nothing about it, but suffice to say, again there's a lot of history there with the three of us." 

Then we all had a giggle as Ben chipped in: "I hate Peter, so there's our history!"

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Anonymous said...

I like Nick and Leanne but I'm not confident that they are going to last. Already hints that Peter coming back will cause problems and then of course the baby situation. Even Nick pretending he's the dad will eventually come out. I would like to think it will be third time lucky. Would be nice to see both characters have some happiness and I think we are due to have a couple that lasts more than a few months.

bbhilda said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard that Steve was to be the father. To me it just smacks of a storyline purely for the shock value. The two have had no interaction whatsoever in the past, known each other for years with no sexual interest, then we are supposed to believe he just showed up at her door, she lets him in and they sleep together! Pah!!

I can only assume it is Stuart Blackburn's final idiotic hurrah!

coconno196 said...

Unbelievable! Doesn't anyone learn from past mistakes? Leanne and Nick split up last time because of the symptoms of his brain injury, which also split up him and Carla (among other things...). Now he's absolutely fine, but for how long? As for Steve being the babydaddy, that's totally contrived to create trouble for him and Michelle. Steve and Leanne have barely spoken in the past, so why would he even turn up on her doorstep, let alone have a bunk-up?

It seems odd that Michelle suddenly wants a baby after trying to make Steve have a vasectomy a while ago, though it's not uncommon for women approaching 40 to decide to have a baby while they still can.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is an idiot so that explains exactly why she randomly and adamantly wants to have a baby. Once she finds out Steve has also knocked up Leanne (also randomly), she'll no doubt end up with Peter... but not until Leanne and Maria have a ride on that merry-go-round!

corrierules said...

Agree with bbhilda and coconno -- makes no sense for Steve to be the father. If Robert were the dad, it still would generate lots of shockwaves. Can you imagine Nick's reaction? (Not to mention Tracey...)


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