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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, July 18 - 22

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 18 July to Friday 22 July
Note: Extra episode on Thursday 21 July

David struggles with Kylie’s death, Leanne delivers baby news, Caz moves in with Maria, Jenny snogs Johnny, Sally holds a soiree.

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Anonymous said...

So this seems to in fact confirm that Kylie is going to be murdered.

Antiphon said...

Yes, as David is apparently going to go after whoever was responsible for Kylie's death it does seem as if she was killed by someone else.

At one point I even wondered if the whole spoiler about Kylie dying was just a wind-up by ITV and the producers of Corrie and Kylie was actually going to do a runner on her own, leaving her family behind, but it does not seem that that is the case.

Like some others I wondered if Max was responsible for her death in some way, but I sense that this is not the case either.

Here are two suggestions:-

1) Kylie is killed by Callum's mates when the taxi she gets into to leave for Barbados suddenly erupts in flames.

2) The bullies who are tormenting Bethany are in some way responsible for her death.

Perhaps the first scenario isn't that likely as the picture released of Kylie in her coffin doesn't show her having any burns or serious injuries, but what about the second? Apparently Bethany is going to confide in Kylie that she is being bullied this week. Does Kylie confront the bullies with fatal consequences?

Anonymous said...

They fake her death!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping it would go that way.

Anonymous said...

There's no way that someone just randomly figured out that Kylie was the real murderer. No, I think it's leading into the "surprise" that there was a secret witness that night, who saw Kylie kill Callum, and this person is the one who kills Kylie in return. And for months, there will be a whodunit, before in tradition of this show he or she eventually dies or goes to prison.

My first guess is that it's one of Callum's friends that have been hounding Gemma lately, and that he was supposed to help Callum with something that night and witnessed his death. So he finds out that Kylie is about to leave the street, and thus gets his revenge. And he can't blackmail David or Sarah afterwards without bringing suspicion on himself. David will probably go after them and get beaten senseless, and have no proof.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kylie's murder isn't a long dragged out' whodunnit' as the Callum storyline has went on too long already.
David was victimised by Callum's thigs and after they left Jason for dead,I doubt he would go after him.
I think David would go after Gemma who had feelings for Callum and perhaps she kilLS Kylie as revenge?
I do wonder though was the Sally\Yasmeen storyline necessary now?Gail is supposedly her best friend and after her daughter-in law is murdered surely Sally's political career can go on hold while she supports her friend and the rest of the Platts?

Anonymous said...

Why in the name of all that is holy would Maria have anything to do with Caz, never mind letting her move in??!

How could Johnny possibly be qualified to train Jenny to be a machinist??!

Antiphon said...

Still no word on when Eileen Derbyshire is returning as Emily Bishop, if at all. I suspect that she is not returning as she was supposed to be taking six months off and would probably be back in the studios by now if she wanted to return. As Norris is still missing her In the storyline it is possible that no definite decision has yet been made as to if or when she will return. Possibly it will depend on whether the new producer Kate Oates wants to use the character or not. If she has not returned within the next couple of months or so we have probably sadly seen the last of Emily and lost another link to the early days if Corrie. As Eileen Derbyshire is a very private person I don't know if she will make any public statement on her future plans. Perhaps it will just be mentioned that Emily has either decided to stay in Peru permanently or that she has passed away there. She would gave to be given some kind of exit story as it would be extremely unsatisfactory if we simply never heard of her again, leaving us to assume that she had decided to stay in Peru permanently and without her fate being properly revealed. When Violet Carson was unable to return as Ena Sharples in 1980 we never found out what had happened to her but merely had to assume that she had decided to stay in St Anne's permanently. I hope Emily is at least given a proper exit story if Eileen Derbyshire dies not wish to return.


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