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Sunday 10 July 2016

Corrie weekly update - You know I'm trouble, don't you?

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Sean wants to take Billy to that London to meet his son Dylan and stay with Violet for a while. Billy’s not keen, especially when Todd declares how he feels for the vicar. It’s too much for Billy and as his cab leaves the cobbles to take him and Sean to the train station for their London visit, Sean stops the cab. He dumps Sean and snogs Todd. “You know I’m trouble, don’t you?” Todd tells Billy. “I’d heard,” he replies.  Ooh, what a fantastic scene and what a wildly passionate kiss this was between the two men.  Sean strops off to that London on his own.

When Andy and Steph are late paying the rent to Eileen for lodging in Jason’s flat (no, I didn’t know that either), Phelan comes up with a plan. He tells Eileen she’s too soft, she should put their rent up and Eileen, being not too soft but way too daft, does what she’s told. The rent increase is too much for Andy and Steph to bear and so they agree to Michael moving in with them.  Yes, Michael Rodwell is back on the Street and ready to take on the evil of Pat Phelan. He starts by giving him a really good staring at. 

Dev arranges a spa break with Erica in a posh hotel but when she has to look after her mother at the last minute, she suggests that Dev takes Mary instead.  There’s only one room, with one double bed, left in the hotel and so Mary says she’ll take the sofa and Dev can have the bed.  However, after a night attacking the mini-bar in their room, they both share the bed and comedy-Dev wakes up beside Mary, both fully clothed in their white fluffy gowns. But still, he wonders, if they did or they didn’t, you know.

Bethany starts job hunting now that school has broken up for the summer holidays but her plans are thwarted by the school bullies who are after her again.  It’s my experience that school bullies are just that… bullies in school. Once term ends and they’re away from their pack, it all ends. Until September when term and the bullying starts all over again.

It’s a year since Deirdre died and Tracy goes to lay flowers at the cemetery. After a talking-to from Robert, Amy goes with him to see Tracy and there’s a sort-of, kind-of, happy ending for Tracy.  Deirdre’s absence remains huge - from the show and from fans’ hearts and minds.

Over at the kebab shop Gemma receives two unwelcome visitors in the form of Callum’s mate Macca and his brother Clayton, a couple of ne’er-do-wells if ever there were.  They don’t threaten her or anything, just demand a free kebab and leave a promise they’ll return.

Elsewhere this week it was Simon’s 13th birthday and he’s pleased that Leanne and Nick are getting on so well.  Is it only me who remembers Nick forcing Leanne to have an abortion many years ago? How can Coronation Street allow her to fall for this man again after what he did to her? How?
And that’s just about that for this week.

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Jim Royle said...

It was noticeable to me that Eileen, supposedly a close friend of Deirdre's - never once mentioned her anniversary, or looked remotely sad, during the whole of the first episode on Friday. It was only during the last few minutes of the second episode, when she happened to be in the Rovers at the same time as Ken, that she even mentioned her. And that was only because Ken did.

Close friend my arse.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's 'fantastic'that Todd and Billy are a couple.Besides the fact they betrayed Sean,they are both complicit in the lie that Tony 'murdered' Callum to protect Sarah whom they believed killed him,a lie which lead to Jason leaving the Street fearing for his life[thanks to Phelan]because he believed Callum's henchmen were after him and now Jason forgotten by his brother who's more interested in stealing Sean's boyfriend again and we're supposed to root for them?
Sadly,I don't believe Deirdre was that missed by her family and 'friends'in the year following her death.Ken moved on almost immediately,first with Alex's mum Nessa and now Audrey,she was never mentioned by her 'best friends' Liz and Eileen and the anniversary of her death was used as a ploy to make everyone feel sorry forher daughter Tracyhwo never talks about her mother either[again]after her latest scheme went bust.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Todd and Billy pairing and too damned bad for whiny Sean! The only reason Todd dumped Tony in it with Callum was to protect Sarah. In his logic it seemed better to blame a guy whose already dead (and was dodgy, let's remember) than a single mum who he has a connection to (and some lingering guilt for kissing her bro, etc.) and he obviously still cares for.

This story dramatically emphasizes that life is not all black and white, right and wrong... even if it's demonstrating it in soap fashion! Sean and Billy were all 50 shades of boring.

C in Canada said...

I too like the Todd/Billy pairing, but I'm mixed since it came at the expense of Sean.

Zagg said...

I'm not a fan of Billy and Todd together. It is just another extension of ruining a character for a lame plot. The real Billy would never take up with a conniving back stabber like Todd,nor would he have done the dirty on Sean like he did. These writers only know one thing. CHEATERS.They have some kind of vendetta against happy couples. Not to mention, that they have turned the vicar into a selfish, lying jerk, who has sacrificed his own morals for a "Todd".

Cobblestone said...

Can we get one thing clear - Billy has 'cheated' on no one. He finished with Sean because he realised he didn't return his feelings - a perfectly honourable, not to say sensible, thing to do. He did not, at that point, have Todd waiting in the wings, as Todd had rebuffed him when asked about his feelings. Billy thought he'd go back to being single when he ended it. Now, yes, he did have feelings for Todd, but that happens to people in real life - yes, even vicars! Do we want him to be a convincing, complex character, or a cardboard cut-out, black-and-white, 'more-tea-Vicar?' stereotype? I've known quite a few members of the clergy, including gay vicars, and nothing I've seen has struck me as improbable - except his original relationship with Sean!


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