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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Secret scenes written for Corrie couple's night of passion

When blogger Emma and I attended the Coronation Street press day at ITV last week, we met Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh.  Emma has written a fantastic account of the interview here and I would urge you to read it, it's great.

At the press event, Simon Gregson talked about Leanne's baby storyline, of course. And he took us all by surprise by saying that the Coronation Street scriptwriters had written the scene for Steve and Leanne for the night when Leanne's baby was conceived.

Now, it's a scene we'll never see, I guess. But the fact that the writers did this to help Simon and Jane (as Steve and Leanne) understand what was going on between their characters on that night, and how they ended up in bed together, is great. It really shows attention to detail.

Speaking about Steve and Leanne's baby, Simon Gregson told us: "It just came out of the blue - me and Jane were a bit like, ‘Where has this come from?'"

So, the scriptwriters wrote scenes for it, which made sense to us. Absolutely no sense to the viewers of course, but…"

"He goes around to her flat and they’re both in a bad place. Steve thinks Michelle’s gone and it’s all over. They have a drink of wine and woe is us!"

See also a guest blog post: Why Steve and Leanne's baby doesn't make sense.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Why couldn't viewers have watched that scene? That really doesn't make any sense either; the writers go to the trouble of writing a scene so that the baffled actors can understand the storyline and then the scene goes in the bin ... It's all too weird. Did they run out of time? They cut the wrong part.

Anonymous said...

The secrecy was pointless anyway as it was leaked everywhere. Another messed up half baked stunt plot I think.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Leanne just come back from visiting Peter with simon? Could this baby actually be his? I'm not buying that Steve and Leanne are going to have a baby... With the whole Barlow clan coming to weather field could it be that one of them needs medical attention and need to find some sort of donor And its discovered that the baby is a Barlow?

Scott Willison said...

I like to think the writers told Jane and Simon they were going to have a love scene and they just said "no way! We're not filming that!" They had to make it a mystery as a result. After nigh on 20 years of working together it must be like kissing your brother or sister!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, I think the mystery part was an after-thought, a mad explanation for something that went horribly wrong with the actors or the writing. If it was to be a mystery, surely it would have been strung out for much longer. Simon Gregson kind of gives it away by acknowledging that it makes 'absolutely no sense to the viewers'.

JohnMcE said...

Good of them to go to all the bother of "explaining" it to the actors. What a pity then they didn't also bother to explain it to us, the loyal viewers.

Not so much as a hint of interest between them, either before or after they "did the deed".

Without doubt the most contrived plot in Corrie's entire history... and that's saying something when you think just how many other contrived plots there have been in the last few years.

Here's a revolutionary idea. Stick to realistic plots that the viewers can actually believe in. No, I don't suppose it'll ever happen, either! :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm with Humpty Dumpty (great name btw) that it feels like something went wrong and it's some kind of cover up - otherwise a proper "who's the daddy" plot could've built up and provided big publicity for the show.
This is definitely the biggest duff story since Michelle's Ryan baby swap!

Cobblestone said...

But they're professional actors, Scott, who play as cast. Comical though it is to think of them saying "I'm not doing that!", realistically they would have done it. It's weird for nearly all actors doing intimate scenes - sometimes you have to do them with an actor you've JUST been introduced to; other times you e known them for years.

maggie muggins said...

I know we can see the writers' names of individual episodes on the credits, but I think story ideas are put together in meetings with several writers and other staff. Responsibility for silly ideas like this are too easily hidden from fans of the show. Lazy storylines shouldn't be rewarded with yet further ones in the future. Just registering my dislike of the way this one was done...


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