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Thursday 14 July 2016

Coronation Street Weds 13th July episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.  Corrie has been a little all over the place recently thanks to the football so I've missed a few reviews. But here I am, here to review what was an okay episode.

It's breakfast time at number 8 -  or it should be. Max is refusing to eat his breakfast and slopes off to his room. Gail rather proudly announces that she has a shopping date with Michael, while Bethany does anything but proudly announce the plans for her day. Being a member of the Platt family, she's got something to hide. As the rest of the family go about their day, Bethany sits staring nervously at her phone. Lauren has been texting her abuse, as usual. Most of the texts are inaccurate jibes at Bethany's weight, hence her sudden interest in the gym.  Kylie has popped into town to return some cushions (and buy some more) and when she returns she notices Bethany's phone lying open on the sofa, complete with fresh messages from you guessed it - Lauren. A fantastically acted scene between Kylie and Bethany unfolds, as the sixteen-year-old opens her often locked box of worries to her aunty. She reveals to Kylie that she knows she has failed her GCSEs thanks to the lack of focus she suffered brought on by the current thread of the ever-tangled Platt family drama. Guilt begins to wash over Kylie, especially when Bethany tells her that she is not to blame. Kylie attempts to help Bethany with the bullies  but she is having none of it, declaring it her own problem. This all culminates in Kylie later rejecting David's advances in the bedroom and storming out of the house, unable to take anymore. As the other Kylie says, it's better the devil you know.   However, at least one of the Platts had a good day. Gail finally managed to sink her claws back into Michael. That wasn't predictable at all.

"Bethany, I'm sorry. I really am"
"Why? It's not like it's your fault"

Leanne is looking very green in her lovely pink dressing gown. After hurrying Simon out of the door to school, she hurls towards the bathroom. It's morning. She's sick. Oh yes, the lovely tart with a heart is now expecting. Another Battersby is on the way. The question is, this being a soap - who's the one that put it there? Wanting to shut herself away in the flat all day, Leanne - now dressed in a bright canary yellow jumper - answers the door to Steph, who is trying to talk her back into working at The Bistro. Leanne won't listen to Steph's very logical plea, but does offer her a brew. What followed was a contrived stereotype being dragged in with all of its stubborn mite. Steph offers to make the cups of tea and just happens to knock over a cup of water, so she needs to mop up said water with a piece of kitchen roll.  She needs to deposit said kitchen roll in the bin and in doing so, obviously spots the used pregnancy test.  Nosey Steph takes it upon herself to question Leanne and over a brew Leanne explains to her how it was merely a false alarm. A false alarm of Eva's. I am not sure where she thinks she is going with this but it is sheer ridiculousness on her part to call a real pregnancy a false alarm and blame it on her sister who isn't even in the country right now. Desperate people do desperate things I suppose. Even when Steph suggests that it could have been Leanne's,  poor Leanne nervously denies it and laughs her off.

"So it was just a false alarm then?And nobody else knows about it?"
"No. And I'd rather keep it that way."
"Yeah, don't worry. Mum's the word. Or not in this case"

Elsewhere, Not-So Sweet Caroline is about to be caught out, as Freddy rightly predicted earlier in the episode when discouraging Sophie from spilling the beans. As we know, Caz has been lying to girlfriend Kate for months now about her injury which she has already recovered from.  Things begin to slowly unravel when a fabulously firm Scottish army woman turns up at their flat. They're at the Bistro, so Sophie points her in the right direction, something I'm sure she'll later regret. Caz is comically horrified to see her army officer turn up at the Bistro when she is about to enjoy a leisurely meal with Kate. Just as Kate walks in, Caz signals for her to wait. Not giving a hoot that it is inconvenient, the stalwart plonks herself down after reminding Caz that she has missed a physiotherapy session, amongst other things. When the army woman marches off, Kate is curious but Caz spins another lie to add to her web which seems to pacify Kate. The mood changes quickly however, when Caz spits out an army-like command that they both elope. Kate is unsurprisingly against the idea, considering she called off their wedding only a few months ago but eventually agrees to consider it. Caz is not my favourite character; I hate her. But we are not supposed to like her -  this is the sign of a great performance so far by Rhea Bailey. 
As well as this, Freddy sweetly tried to play matchmaker between Ken and Audrey. He tells Ken to invite Audrey to the theatre and then he himself invites Audrey for a drink to explain the situation. However, clichés whirred yet again as Ken walked into the Rovers just as Audrey was rubbing Freddy's arm while thanking him. You think Ken would've learned by now, but no. He sighs and walks out.

"Is now not convenient for you?"
"Not exactly, no"
"Oh dear. Never mind"

A  decent episode, despite the clichés. I would've liked to see more of the Billy/Todd storyline develop as that's my favourite right now but I really enjoyed the scenes between Kylie and Bethany tonight. Brilliant performances by Lucy Fallon and Paula Lane. I can feel the tension building for next week. Kylie's always wanted a happy ending. She should be so lucky.

As always,

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Anonymous said...

Small note - Kylie is Bethany's aunt. You've momentarily confused Bethenny with Sarah.

Louby said...

I really hate the "finding the pregnancy test" routine. In Alya's case, wouldn't she have realistically thrown it away where it couldn't be found, rather than in the factory toilets?!

Yes, lovely scene with Kylie and Bethany. It makes me think that is yet more guilt on Kylie's shoulders.

Unknown said...

Of course! Noted and sorted. Thank you :-)

Tvor said...

Leanne is barely 2 weeks pregnant and was feeling ill days ago. I know everyone's body is different but that's a touch early for morning sickness, isn't it? I've probably just answered my own question, there, but though I know people that have had nausea right up until the birth, I've never known anyone to get it that early in the pregnancy.

Oh the Ken and Freddie cliches are soooo tedious!

Anonymous said...

Try as I might, I cannot find anything likeable about Gemma. Very sad day when they made her a regular. And sorry, but she's not a very good actress either.

Anonymous said...

that exchange between Freddy and Luke deserves mention: "you're old enough to be my Grandad." "But you're not good-looking enough to be my grandson." LOL.

The actor playing Freddy is fantastic! The contrast between him and Ken may be a cliche, but the scene with the two of them in the cafe together--Ken in his blazer, filled with a pompous sense of his own dignity, Freddy in his overalls--was another good one. Can't believe Ken thought Freddy was angling for an invite!

Cobblestone said...

I looked it up, as I was sceptical too. It can happen as early as three weeks, it seems. Very convenient!

Tvor said...

Leanne was still far less than 3 weeks gone when she was feeling ill, which she initially put down as the painkillers, that was a few days ago. The original one night stand was supposed to be Monday June 27 which was rescheduled to the Wednesday which was two weeks and a couple of days before last night's episode. (I know. I don't get out much) We first heard about her feeling sick on Monday this week and presumably she'd been feeling that way over the weekend since she hurt her back last Friday.

I'll just get my anorak.

Ancient corrier said...

Tvor, so do you think then that the baby's father isn't the visitor Leanne had but someone she slept with before, Peter?!!!
When is he due to come back?

Laura said...

It's already been said that the baby will be Steve's! As ridiculous as that is!

Louby said...

Ancient Corrier, I like that idea! I don't think Peter is coming back though is he?

I have wondered that because they didn't actually show who that caller was, they could change the identity of the dad to whoever they wanted it to be. It seems to be hunting at Robert so far. Steve being dad does seem totally ridiculous. Have they ever been close before?

Anonymous said...

Steve is obviously the father.

coconno196 said...

Why obviously Steve? Apart from creating more trouble between him and Michelle of course. Except for a brief chat a couple of weeks ago, I can't remember Steve and Leanne even speaking to each other. But he does seem super-fertile, getting all his one-night stands pregnant 😉

Tvor said...

Here's the Steve theory:
In the week or so before that one night stand, Leanne was seen talking to Steve a couple of times. That was while he and Michelle were split up or "having a break" you might say. She was sympathetic and supportive. Leanne and Steve have known each other for almost 20 years but have never really been particularly friendly so why now? So that he could go to her to cry on her shoulder when he thought that Michelle had gone to the cruise ship job. A bottle of wine, one thing leads to another. Regrets, they've had a few.

Anonymous said...

The man who visited Leanne was tall. So if they are true to what was could only have been Nick or Robert. Steve would not be that tall.

Ancient corrier said...

The pregnancy tester doesn't indicate how far gone Leanne is, so although she might assume the one night stand is the father she may get a surprise when the doctor confirms she further along than she thought.
The 'door has been left open' for Chris G to come back, so I'm hoping he's considering to do just that.
I really can't accept that Steve is the father, it's just too ridiculous.

Tvor said...

Leanne is very short when she's not wearing her heels. So it could be Steve.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Leanne just on a visit to Peter with Simon? hmmm...

I kinda like that idea.

~JB in Canada

C in Canada said...

I don't know why people are speculating over 'who's the daddy' since they have already revealed it will be Steve.

MartesBC said...

Maybe the Steve leak is a red herring. And Chris G doesn't have to come back for it to be his kid. I felt like I was going to die when I got pregnant, and pretty quickly too. I guess I can buy into this part of the storyline. I think Leanne will be worried about financials etc... I just do hope it's not Steve.


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