Thursday, 21 July 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 21 July

Thursday 21st July
SARAH IS DETERMINED TO LEAVE HOSPITAL While David wants justice Gail’s more worried about Max who’s clearly upset. In the hospital, Sarah picks up a newspaper and is shocked to read the details of Kylie’s death. Bethany arrives at the hospital to find Sarah packing her bag. Sarah explains that she’s read the awful news about Kylie and David needs her. Bethany begs Sarah to unpack her bag and stay in hospital until she’s better for her and Harry’s sake. Sarah reluctantly agrees.
LEANNE HAS SOMETHING TO TELL SIMON As Leanne does her best to disguise her morning sickness, Simon secretly panics, suspecting her to be terminally ill. As Leanne waits nervously with Steph for her doctor’s appointment, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Simon who tearfully demands to know what’s wrong with her. Leanne assures him it’s nothing life-threatening. Having been assured by the doctor that all is fine with her pregnancy, Leanne’s relieved but worried how Simon will take the news. Leanne plucks up the courage and breaks the news to Simon that she’s pregnant. Simon’s stunned.
SALLY AND YASMEEN’S TRUCE IS SHORT-LIVED Yasmeen, Sharif and Alya attend Sally and Tim’s soiree. Although initially frosty, Yasmeen and Sally soon find a common interest in environmental issues and get on like a house on fire. Tim and Sharif are amazed. Having spotted her throw on Sally’s sofa, Yasmeen calls Sally a thief and grabbing the throw, flounces out followed by an embarrassed Sharif and Alya. Sally’s incensed.
ELSEWHERE Steve’s horrified to realise he’s missing his wedding ring and wonders where it is. Although initially awkward, Johnny and Jenny admit how much they enjoyed their tryst yesterday and kiss tenderly. As Steve searches frantically for his wedding ring, Michelle reveals that she took it away and had it engraved. As Michelle hugs him, Steve looks guiltily over her shoulder.

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Anonymous said...

Well it was nice to see Liz again, if only briefly.

coconno196 said...

The business with the throw didn't make sense. On Wednesday the postman clearly told Tim that the top parcel was for next door, plus it would have had Yasmeen's name on it, so there was no reason for Sally to think it was hers in the first place. Then when Yasmeen saw it, Tim tried to point out the mistake but the women were too busy shouting at each other to listen. In real life Tim would have been more assertive. Also, if Sally is meant to be so posh these days, how come she said "You shouldn't of" instead of the correct "shouldn't have"?!

I liked David's talk with Max though. Let's hope there's no more talk of him taking the law into his own hands.

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