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Sunday 17 July 2016

Tabloid rumour: Coronation Street characters set to return?

The Sun reports that three Coronation Street characters are coming back to the cobbles. 

There's no official source, no comments, confirmation or denial from ITV in the tabloid report, so as usual with these things, take it all with a pinch of salt.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun that Toyah Battersby, Brian Packman and Daniel Osbourne will return. 

Mr Sauce says: “The cast has to expand to take on more storylines so these three are back. They’ve had good storylines before and will definitely stir up some trouble.”

The Sun also adds that all three will be on air before Corrie goes six episodes a week in autumn 2017.

Is it true? Who knows.  I'd welcome back Toyah and Brian for sure. 

Daniel could stir things up too. For those who don't remember, Daniel is Ken's son. His mother was hairdresser Denise Osbourne, who Ken had a fling with.

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Cobblestone said...

I've wanted to see Georgia Taylor return for s long time, and as a huge admirer of Jane Danson, I welcome the opportunity Toyah's return would create for more and varied Leanne storylines. I think when they brought Brisn Packham back the last time, for Julie's exit story, it only underlined how stupid it was to sack him in the first place. He was pure gold, lodging with Ken; and the Street needs more intelligent professionals. Daniel is a complete blank slate, but is hope they don't go down the road they travelled with Ken's surprise grandson, James, and turn him into a wrong'un. Are we to assume Ken has been in regular contact with him since he snd Denise moved back to Manchester? He never mentions him, and you'd have expected him to visit his grandad as he got into his mid-teens. Overall though I'll be very happy if this news is true. Now how about the post-Brexit return of Andy McDonald?

Anonymous said...

Ken is his dad, not granddad....I think???

Tvor said...

Daniel will be in his early 20s now, I can see him returning to get to know his father or to rage against him, one or the other. As a native "Barlow", he'd be the most likely of all three. I'd love to see Toyah, perhaps when Leanne has her baby. I don't think Georgia will stay for a long term, though. And if they aren't bringing Julie back, then I don't want Brian without her!

Louby said...

Yes, Ken is his dad. We saw a young Daniel didn't we, when Ken and Deirdre had split for a while I think. Ken went and stayed with them for a while.

Toyah back would be good. I'd love to see Janice as well. Imagine an argument between her and Beth! Would be good to see Brian too, but I would prefer to see Julie with him.

Anonymous said...

James was Ken's grandson, he came with his dad but ended up staying. I think this is what was referred to....not Daniel being the grandson. We all know Daniel is Ken's son.

Newfy Pearl said...

Lawrence Barlow is Ken's long lost son, and James was his son. This is the one that stayed with Ken and turned into a bad'un.
Daniel Barlow is Ken's son. Whether Daniel is bad or good has yet to be seen.

Rapunzel said...

No Brian without Julie!!!

if they do reintroduce Daniel, I hope Denise makes a few appearances too.

PamelaKatt said...

I would love to see Brian return but, I agree that Julie needs to come back as well and hopefully with an adopted child or two. I would enjoy seeing Julie as a mom finally! I think Brisn would make an excellent doddering father type - making mistakes that someone with a background as a teacher would not be thought to make but given that he never really wanted children of his own he could be awesome trying to figure out how very different it is. And if he was fully in love with his family it would be sweet mistakes like too much ice-cream and such. It would be wonderful to have stable family whose conflicts would in hfiguring out how to be a family unit. Maybe adopting an older child around Amy's age.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, that's what I was referring to. Daniel & James, despite being nephew/uncle are of a similar age. I never claimed he was Ken's grandson.

fairycake said...

Brilliant! I have been hoping for Daniel to make an appearance and do hope he is a son that Ken is proud of!
I have been watching past episodes with Toyah and would also welcome her return! As mentioned before, Leeanne needs more to do than go from one man to another, get pregnant, etc.
I do wonder if Emily is really coming back, and if so, I also want Spider to come with her, if only briefly. He is in the story lines from the past that I am watching now as well, and I do like him and Toyah together!
It would be quite a shame to have Brian without Julie, but I did enjoy he and Ken together, all though with Tracy living with Ken now I reckon that would not be happening. Brian and Julie together were such a delight and I miss them very much to this day.

Laura said...

What in the world would bring Brian back there? He has no family there, no ties at all.

Unknown said...

I would love to see Brian and Julie return from their around-the-world cruise! Yes, they could move into the Kabin flat and wouldn't it be fantastic if they adopted a child around Max's age? Maybe a new friend for him would be good especially with Kylie now gone. Daniel is most definitely someone who Corrie could play with. Maybe a new Barlow unit wouldn't go amiss? Him, his girlfriend and i don't know a baby on the way? As for Toyah. Bring it on! Bring back Toyah, Janice and her new boyfriend and move them in to the Corner Shop flat? I would also love to see Becky and Danny back for Kylie's funeral.

fairycake said...

Hiya, Joseph!
I just this moment read a tweet by Katherine Kelly saying 'Bex won't be there for Kylie's funeral'
Very sad to hear this. I was hoping she and her Danny would come back and all.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent news that our Toyah is *hopefully* coming back...but please....can she come back with the awesome Spider!! As well with Brian....if you are rtng. to the cobbles please come back with dear Julie! With Jason now gone....Eileen could use her sister back in her life!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Toyah returning, Leanne needs some family in the show and if Toyah was to return I would like Spider to come back from Peru with Emily. Maybe a dementia story-line would be why.

If Brian is to return he MUST return with Julie and a adopted child as that's what Julie wanted.

If Daniel returns I hope that he isnt a bad'un like James was and is the only Son of Kens that is truly like him.

Cobblestone said...

Think you mean the flat next door to the Kabin flat, there, Joseph; I'm sure you don't want them to evict Rita! Actually Brisn and/or Julie still own that flat, I presume. They did buy it from Jason.
I think Vicki Entwhistle has ruled out a Corrie return ... but who knows. People change their minds. We definitely won't see Becky back - sadly. KK is just too busy. Hope Paula Lane's career takes a similar path.

Cobblestone said...

He still owns the flat he bought from Jason.

Anonymous said...

Can't think why Brian would return.

Wouldn't mind seeing Toyah again though.

C in Canada said...

It wouldn't make sense storywise for Brian to return without Julie, and didn't see any sign of her returning, although the return of both together would be great!
I never did see much of Toyah (I think she left when I started watching) so it would be interesting to get acquainted with her onscreen.

How many freaking kids does Ken have already???

Ancient corrier said...

Don't know if I'd like to see Brian back without Julie, unless of course they're planning to pair him with Mary.
Shame they got rid of Brian and Julie in the first place, I liked them together.
Don't think Toyah will stay long.
The Barlow's need a new generation if the name is to continue, Ken can't keep going for much longer.

fairycake said...

The Barlow's definitely do need a new generation! couple of episodes I thought dear Ken was looking a bit gaunt. I do hope Mr. Roache is well. I worry about the day where he will be gone...X


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