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Sunday 10 July 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards July 4 - 8

Family Matters award: I think David was deeply moved that Sarah covered for he and Kylie at the therapy session. It wasn't even relief on his face, was it? Kylie looked very sad and humbled at Sarah's words. Amazing performances from all three.

Burned Bridges award: Tracy has a long road ahead to make up with Amy.

Pants on Fire award: Billy's keeping secrets from Sean about "where he's been and who he's been with." (points if you recognize that turn of phrase!)

Phrase of Doom award: Sean "Me and Billy, we're the real deal. I can see us growing old together" (and predictably, they didn't last the week!)

Moral High Ground award: He had no problem stealing Marcus away from Maria nor any qualms about splitting up Jason (his brother) and Eva so it seems weird that Todd is trying to keep he and Billy apart on the grounds of disloyalty to another man that's like a brother to him. So, Todd has changed, but will anyone believe him when the doodoo hits the fan?

Classic Corrie shout out: Loved Ken and Rita reminiscing about Deirdre's days in the Street panto.

Convenience award: In an old, crowded cemetery, Blanche and Deirdre's graves are nearly right at the front. That was lucky! Maybe Blanche had owned a family plot there.

The World is Upside down: It's weird feeling sympathy for Tracy. It doesn't feel right, somehow. But we've all lost someone and it's never easy, is it?

Lines of the week:
Andy "Steph's gone for lilac and yellow. Who knew they went together?" (Sounds lovely to me. Easter-y, but lovely)
Todd "Come back but don't push yourself too hard" Tracy "Who are you and what have you done with the real Todd?"
Tracy "Storming off with your nose in the air? I invented that"
Billy to Todd "Seems we've got more in common than we thought" (and there's definitely a frisson of chemistry blooming in that flower shop)
Sean "That's my Billy, fully charged!"
Sean "I know 15 shirts might seem excessive"
Eileen "Excuse the pun but you are the answer to his prayers, Vicar" (not what the vicar wanted to hear, though, was it?)
Steve "As one door closes..." Sean "Another one slams in your face"
Todd "You know I'm trouble, don't you?" Billy "You're in luck. Trouble's my speciality" Todd "Good" (snog!)

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Anonymous said...

Rita 'I've been around the block more times than Mr.Whiррy!' - made Todd laugh too :)

Anonymous said...

Blanche was that morbid that she'd have prepared a place for everyone in that family to rest their bones!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sound like such an anorak but I remember a line from Blanche several years ago mentioning she had a family plot with just enough room left for her and Deirdre if they "shuffled up a bit"! I loved all the old touches in Friday's episodes.

Tvor said...

Thanks for that, last Anonymous! It's always surprising when they bury someone in a cemetery and it's near the front of it, something that likely wouldn't happen if the cemetery was any age at all unless you did have a family plot bought some time ago.


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