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Sunday 31 July 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for July 25 - 29

Demon David award: He's baaaaaaaaack!

Product Placement: Steve has a Windows OS phone.

That Awkward Moment award: Always difficult when somebody asks you where or how a loved one is and they didn't know the person has died.

Plot device award: Tyrone had problems with the two way radio in the cab. Thus, Eileen managed to overhear Todd and Billy discussing their relationship and the cat was out of the bag.

Chemistry award: Bev Callard just leaps off the screen, doesn't she? She's still got so much chemistry and screen presence. A true classic Rovers Landlady.

Throwback award: Love it when they talk Corrie history. This time it was Gail and Audrey talking about how Blanche loved funerals.

Mouths of Babes award: Max. He knows what is appropriate for a funeral, stuff that makes you think of the person that's passed.

Leopards Don't Change their Spots award: Jenny finds out Kirk clocks Beth in when she's late and the bosses don't know. She certainly filed that away for future use, like about 2 hours later and busted the Tinkers on the sly to Johnny, probably to keep him on her side.

Lines of the week:
Leanne to Steve "Man up, get a grip, and start acting normal!"
Fiz "I can see the headlines now 'Councillor Kills Cockapoo'"
Steve "What makes you think it's a boy?" Liz "Worst case scenario!" (ha!)
Michelle "It's no one's business who the father is" (but that didn't stop you trying to stick your nose in, did it?)
Jenny to Johnny "You have to earn them, kisses, they don't just grow on trees"
Liz "Dumb. And dumber. I'll look forward to the fireworks"
Johnny to Jenny "You have a very devious mind" (that's the Jenny we all know and love!)
Liz to steve "Keep your mouth shut, say nothing, and see how long it lasts. Because trust me, the truth always comes out sooner or later!" (she's been watching soap operas again!)
Michelle to Leanne "We could be going through our pregnancies together!" (I thought Leanne was going to pass out or throw up just at that point!)
Eileen "You're own little radio show, Radio Sordid!"
Todd "It's been Brokeback Mountain meets Romeo and Juliet round here for months"
Todd to Eileen "I'm not sure I can stand the smell of hypocracy" ( the morning?)

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abbyk said...

Wise Beyond Her Years Award - to Bethany, who has been an island of reason re: Sarah's health and David's reaction to Kylie's loss, and a good big cousin to Max. I hope she grabs that jewelry case to save it for some future day when David really needs it.

Another Line OTW: on charity shops and Kylie's things, "Take it to the one in town. I don't fancy seeing Liz MacDonald squeezed into one of her tops." (and neither do we) (or, I'm guessing, Bev Callard)

abbyk said...

Doesn't the newbie fit in well: Tyrone at Streetcars.

Anonymous said...

Beat them at the punch award.To Jenny for reporting Kirk falsely clocking Beth in' on time'
Granted I didn't like Kirk getting caught in the crossfire but after the nasty way both Beth and Sally have been to Jenny,I like seeing Jenny get her own back.
Besides if the roles were reversed, I bet Beth would've done the same thing!
I'm also impressed with Bethany's mature attitude and like abbyk,I hope she does keep Kylie's jewellery box for Lily and not herself and her mother.


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