Sunday, 10 July 2016

Who was Tricia Hopkins on Coronation Street?

Friday night's double Coronation Street had some wonderful touches and you can read our blogger Emma's review of it here.  Friday 8 July was, of course, the first anniversary of the passing of Deirdre Barlow, on a day in which she would have celebrated her 61st birthday too.

In the Rovers, Ken and Rita reminisced and remembered Deirdre. A pantomine was mentioned in which Deirdre played Dandini...

... and Tricia Hopkins was mentioned, the woman who received a black eye from Deirdre.
Tricia Hopkins was brought into Coronation Street as one of the show's first dolly birds. She was in the show from 1973-76.  Gail Potter (now Rodwell) was brought into the show as a friend for Tricia.

The actress who played Tricia Hopkins is a lovely lady by the name of Kathy Jones. We met Kathy at Corriefest a few years ago and she really is wonderful. 

Kathy was interviewed on The Corrie Years. You can see her in action in the Gail Potter section starting here at 1'.12" via YouTube.

See also: Tricia Hopkins, Corrie pin up of the week circa 1975

See also: Tricia Hopkins - then and now

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Anonymous said...

I remember her well!

Antiphon said...

I also remember Tricia pretty well and remember how she and Gail were very good friends. After Tricia was written out in 1976 Suzie Birchall appeared and became Gail's mate instead. Suzie has been mentioned a couple of times in the past three years or so but Gail never mentions Tricia. This seems odd as Gail first appeared as Tricia's friend and must have known her well before she met Suzie. Possibly most people remember her friendship with Suzie better than they do her friendship with Tricia, particularly as Gail and Suzie lodged with Elsie Tanner for a couple of years and had many scenes with her, including a feud with Hilda Ogden, which may be why Tricia has been forgotten until now. I also remember Tricia's mother, father and grandmother who briefly ran the corner shop after the departure of Maggie Clegg for Zaire and before the arrival of Renee Bradshaw. Apparently the family were unpopular with viewers so were written out, although Tricia stayed on longer. When she was written out in 1976 she apparently went back to live with her parents. I wonder what she is doing now? It would be rather nice if she and Gail met up again and reminisced about old times.