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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Sarah reveals that Kylie killed Callum in Coronation Street

Next week on Coronation Street we'll see Kylie's funeral take place.  David's just about managing to keep it together but things looks set - in true soap style - to explode at the graveside.

Inside Soap magazine today reveal that on the morning of Kylie's funeral, Sarah visits Todd at Preston's Petals.  Todd tells Sarah that he knows she killed Callum - and of course Sarah denies it all. Todd's got the wrong end of the stick and when Sarah denies killing Callum, Todd then assumes that David must have killed him.

At the funeral, Todd has a go at David and follows the Platts back to the house accusing David of killing Callum. Todd's angry because he believes that Jason left because he thought his dad Tony Stewart was the murderer. Anyway, Todd's anger spills over and as David and Todd argue and fight, Sarah blurts out the truth: "David wasn't the killer! Kylie was!"

Oh 'eck.  I can't wait to see everyone's stunned faces at the wake at the Platts next week.

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Anonymous said...

Blaming yet another dead person should not work a second time. People should keep thinking it is David.

C in Canada said...

I don't agree with Anon above me. It' soap justice that the killer's secret always gets out.
It may go no further than Todd...and perhaps Billy, and I hope it goes no further for the kid's sake, but at least the truth is out there. Kylie paid the price and that's the end of it.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, at this point there's no way that both David and Sarah wouldn't both go down as accessories if it comes out. Especially David, who the detectives desperately wanted to pin something on for Callum's death.

Kylie's dead, and in soap land that means the price has been paid. That should be the end of it. But it really looks like this time it's not going to be.

I really doubt Todd is evil enough to use that knowledge as blackmail material, considering he cares for Sarah and would also be destroying the lives of three young children, but that doesn't mean that someone else won't find out down the line and do so.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If the truth comes out, the circumstances would make Kylie a hero but it could make Todd the villain as far as his family is concerned. He would have to persuade Eileen that he genuinely thought Tony was the murderer. He'll keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sarah takes the time to tell Todd how SHE lured Callum to the house but got scared when he became violent and Kylie killed him to save her life.
For what it's worth I'm disappointed that Todd who's no better lying to protect Sarah couldn't wait until days after the funeral to confront David who just lot his wife.

Scott Willison said...

"Todd's angry because he believes that Jason left because he thought his dad Tony Stewart was the murderer."

But blaming Tony was TODD'S IDEA!

Anonymous said...

Great point Scott! Also I wish someone would explain to me this whole notion of 'comeuppance.' So Kylie defends her sister-in-law, killing Callum, and, therefore, in Soap Heaven, must pay the price. Ergo, she dies by a random stabbing and equilibrium/justice have been re-established. How?

C in Canada said...

I'm hoping that Todd will keep the news to himself. There's no point in letting it all out now. The people who need to know, know.
Tony's dead, Kylie's dead, Jason's gone, what's the point in telling the world?
And Scott's spot on. Blaming Tony was Todd's idea, only because he thought he was protecting Sarah - got 2 and 2 and made 5. That's his own fault.


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