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Corrie weekly update - the return of demon David

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Billy the vicar helps David arrange Kylie’s funeral. Songs are chosen, an outfit is picked and David’s still swearing revenge on Kylie’s killers.  Everyone has a word with him – Gail, Bethany, Sarah. They all tell him the same – that his priorities have to be Max and Lily, not going after Clayton for revenge. But the look on David’s face lets us know exactly which way he’ll turn.

Steve confides in Rover in the back yard at the pub that Leanne is up the duff.  Rover, as you can imagine, deals with the news as only dogs do. But then he confides in Liz and all hell breaks loose, especially when Michelle tells Steve she wants a baby too.  Liz warns Steve he’s brewing up trouble for himself having Leanne pregnant at one of the Street and Michelle at t’other. “This has got disaster written all over it,” Liz says. I can only agree.

At the factory, Jenny swaps stitching for snitching when she tells Johnny that Kirk clocked Beth in as she was half an hour late.  She likes being the boss’s pet, does Jenny but it does nothing to endear her to her Underworld workmates.  Johnny’s still after Jenny and wonders if there’s any chance of kiss from his favourite seamstress.  “You have to earn them, kisses. They don’t just grow on trees,” Jenny teases him, in a lovely line from Simon Crowther.

Over at Jamila House, Billy’s left looking after the playgroup and Todd helps him out.  They’re keeping their relationship secret, for now, or at least trying to. But in Tyrone’s taxi with its broken radio, their lusty words in the back of the cab are overheard by Eileen on the switch. She hears every word, their secret is out and she’s not best pleased. She tells Todd to “Get home! Now!” and then clips him round the ear.  Sean returns from London earlier than planned but no-one’s told him yet that Todd and Billy are together. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out.  A Sean fan I am not.

And that, short and sweet as it was, is just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely detest Eileen, I hope she goes to Thailand to see Jason in hospital and stays there. Where did she get the money from for the flight by the way? Not cheap.

On the other hand I absolutely LOVE David, and Demon David in particular. Love those evil looks he gives.

Zagg said...

He's Baaaack! Yay! Love Evil David.

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