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Monday 18 July 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 18th July

This is the aftermath. David is over-coping, playing with the kids, having toast-eating races with Max, but he is haunted by Kylie's last words. Nick is worried for him, "He looks like he's handling it so well," but he and we all know how volatile David can be. He ended up in gaol after smashing up the street, he pushed his mum down the stairs, he pulled a radiator off a wall to get his revenge - and that was just on Graham for going out with his ex-girlfriend. Hell hath no fury like a David bereaved; he's not got through to bargaining and depression yet, let alone acceptance.

Craig and Gemma aren't helping any by lying to the police. They come good in the end: "Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do", but I found it quite realistic that both Craig and Gemma were both terrified of Clayton and what he might do to them. David holds it together until he goes into the salon to get some space and spots Kylie's pink hoodie on a chair and breaks down once again.

Kylie's murder brings back sad and bad memories for the other residents, reminding them of the untimely deaths of Bryan, Maddie, Liam, Jamila and Kal. The floral tributes grow and kindness is reciprocated. Roy is supportive of Maria who in turn offers Caz a place to stay, to Luke's consternation. "I'm not going to find a gay Argentian hairdresser in the kitchen, am I?" he asks. Maria claims that he's being unfair. Well, not really, M.

When Clayton, who has been lurking around the street, shows his face to threaten Gemma, David is after him like a shot, chasing him through the back gardens, pursuing him as Clayton tramples on the flowers outside the hairdressers, and tracks him to the garage, losing, catching, then losing him again in truly dramatic scenes. David stumbling down the builders' yard steps, hunched up from being punched in the stomach, chasing down his wife's killer was amazing stuff. If it's not enough for Jack P. Shepherd to win Best Actor at the Soap Awards this year, then there is no justice. It's only Max calling out for David to stop that distracts him when he is about to smash Clayton with a metal pole,  and it's Gemma who persuades him to let the police deal with things. But even Gail telling David to focus on his family rather than hunting Clayton doesn't stop the murderous glint in David's eye.

With four machinists out ("five if you county Aunty Beth"), Jenny sees an opportunity to fill in and flirt - "You won't be disappointed," she purrs to Johnny, but she's a little over-hasty, making a mess of her stitching. She needs to slow down, take her time, play it cool.

Robert, wearing a horrible Partridge-meets-Clarkson beige check blazer and waistcoat teamed with jeans (just...urgh) tries once again to persuade Leanne to come back to the Bistro, but not because he fancies her, oh no. Steph, who is somewhat more sensitive, guesses, as Leanne rushes to the toilet to throw up, that the pregnancy test was hers and not Eva's. Leanne fills her in on her past miscarriage and fertility issues, and Steph offers her support, without needing to know who put the bun in Leanne's oven. This who's the baby daddy story is going to run and run, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Bringing the thug contingent in again with David on a mission just feels like this whole story has jumped back a year - it's Clayton not Callum that's all. More Platt domination? Yawn.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Glad that David found out about Clayton early on. I thought it was very odd that David didn't ask Kylie who stabbed her. Even in deepest shock, it would have been my first question. We might have got Kylie refusing to tell him, and making him promise not to go on a rampage. All of which he would ignore, as we saw tonight. Max witnessing David's violence was a deliberate? re-run of his witnessing Callum's violence. That led to Max cutting Callum out of his life; I wonder if he will react the same way with David.

MartesBC said...

Hmmm? What's with all the 'Batman' tv show angles... But not with the bad guys.

fairycake said...

I hated hearing the actual voice over of dear Kylie in David's thoughts. They do that all the time on American soaps and I do hope they do not start doing that here! X

Louby said...

Is Robert not the chef all of a sudden? Certainly not dressed like one!

They really want us to think that Robert is the dad don't they? And we probably would if they hadn't already let the cat out of the bag.

Anonymous said...

So glad David found out about the Chuckle Brother so was making my blood boil seeing Craig and that Gemma creature being so stupid.

abbyk said...

Max, already in a fragile state, witnessed the same violence in David as he saw in Callum. He should be going off the rails. Too bad Auntie Bex isnt there to sort him out. Harry McDermott is talented and old enough to have a story about Max's insecurities, and carrying on a conversation with a caring adult.

Ken, do something. You like Audrey, support her. You were once a widowed young father with two small children. Console David.

It's the little things that make this show special. Yasmeen, who has barely said hello to the Platts, made a casserole. The chickens were in the yard during the chase. Tyrone kept a level head and called the police. Craig felt less than a man -- please somebody remind him that just because he's over 6' tall, he's still a kid. Gemma manned up, even tho she is fully aware of the consequences and has no family to run to. Lots of good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed how lost cast members were remembered, they do not do this enough with other deaths on the show. It was really cool.
I think that David is excellent and it is sad that no matter how good the Platts are in their scenes there are people rude enough to put them down. Shame on you. lol

Anonymous said...

love the show, but found it hilarious the way half the cast members were commiserating about losing a loved one on the street! (many in the last year or two). just underlines how ludicrous all these deaths-liam, tina, kal, maddie,kylie are, not to mention molly, ashley and maxine and brian and emily bishop's husband, and tony and ...? why is anyone living on this street any more?!


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