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Corrie weekly update - Eccles the Bush Kangaroo

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Jason leaves Weatherfield this week for the bright lights of Thailand. I had him pegged as more of a Magaluf man myself but no, he goes to Thailand. He decides to move after Gemma tells him that Callum’s mates from the estate are out to get him when Jason’s dad Tony is blamed by the cops for Callum’s death. Phelan wants Jason out of the way too, and arranges for his van to be torched. Jason thinks Callum’s mates have done it as a warning and so he hops it to Thailand. Eileen’s in bits waving number one son off the Street while Tim hug-bombs Jason in a wonderfully comic scene. Once Jason’s gone, Phelan thinks he can get his hands on the accounts at Jason’s Builders Yard. But he’s wrong, as Jason has given Eileen control of the books.
Liz is back from Spain, determined to knock Steve and Michelle’s heads together and get them back together. It works, in the end, but while Steve and Michelle have been ‘on a break’ has he slept with Leanne? Or was it Robert? Or Nick? Or even Zeedan?  Well, Leanne has slept with someone and as this is soap, there’s bound to be a baby on the way. But who will be the daddy?
Tracy collapses with a kidney infection and Eccles finds her in the ginnel. We were singing along to the Skippy tune at home when this scene aired. “Eccles! Eccles! Eccles the Border Terrier!”  What’s that Eccles? Tracy’s fallen? And she’s injured? And she’s in the ginnel?  “Eccles! Eccles! Eccles the Border Terrier!”  Beth goes to visit Tracy in th’ospital and when she enters Tracy’s hospital room, she’s speaking to her aunty on the phone… “There’s only three things that tell the truth - kids, drunks and leggings!”
Some lovely comic touches this week between Kirk and Norris playing board games. Lonely Norris doesn’t want Kirk to move back home, he’s enjoyed the company but Beth demands her husband back. While Kirk dithers over his options, Chesney tells Kirk: “Time to choose. Your wife or the local newsagent. It shouldn’t be that difficult.” Kirk chooses Beth and warns her that he needs handling like a baby bird and shouldn’t be crushed. “I’m coming home, Mrs Sutherland!”

Luke’s cottoned on to the fact that Caz isn’t all that she seems. She’s still limping around with a foot injury but Luke has spied that it’s an injury she chooses to remember when it best suits her. What’s the cheeky mare up to, eh?
And finally this week, my favourite couple Izzy and Gary look like they might be getting back together. It’s Izzy’s day in court and as she panics before hand in her flat, Gary kisses her gently and tells her he’ll always be there for her. Oh, I want these two back together so much.  But in court, Izzy’s given a two month custodial sentence.

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Antiphon said...

Actually, Izzy should only spend one month in prison as a person is normally released automatically halfway through their sentence if it is for less than twelve months. I hope the writers have got this detail right.

Anonymous said...

Caz is probably faking her injury so that she can stay on medical leave from the military and thus be under foot (ha!) to spy on anyone she feels is a threat. The only way to stay in one place... that was never her home to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I was so confused with the Leanne was white wine! I thought the wine that represented runpah-pumpah on the show was RED!!!!!

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