Saturday, 2 July 2016

Coronation Street fan of the week - Cirah in Ireland

It's time to meet another Coronation Street fan of the week.
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Who are you and where are you from?
I am Cirah and I am from Ireland.

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I've been watching Corrie since October 2014 and I fell in love with it immediately.I have also looked back at pretty much the whole 56 years online.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
I am a Platt family super fan. My favourite female character is Kylie Platt because she's feisty, she has had a hard life but she turned it all around. My favourite male character as well as my favorite character of all time in any soap is David Platt. I only continue to watch the show because of him. I admire how versatile he can be and how protective and loyal he is.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
My favorite Corrie storylines are Kirsty's abuse of Tyrone, Steve's depression, Callum vs Platts, Richard Hillman's reign of terror and a lot of others. I am also obsessed with Behind the Scenes of Corrie. It inspired me to want to be a producer and actor.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storylie be?
I would love a storyline where they don't play it safe,something meaningful from a character who doesn't get much limelight. I think everyone deserves a chance to show their talents.

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