Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Females - No. 3


Duration: 1972, 1973-2014
Played by: Anne Kirkbride
2012 character poll position (women): 20

When we think of Deirdre, what comes to mind are the huge glasses she wore for nearly 30 years. As well as the huge glasses, she was also known for her many liaisons with the men of Coronation Street. 

After failing to lure Alan Howard from wife Elsie, Deirdre caught the eye of Billy Walker. They were due to marry but Billy fled to Jersey. Soon enough, Deirdre was dating her boss Ray Langton and they married in 1975. Deirdre gave birth to Tracy in 1977 (who’s served time in jail for murder). Ray left Deirdre for Holland in 1978 and she found comfort in Ken Barlow who she married in 1981. Ken adopted Tracy in 1986. 

In 1982, Deirdre had a headline affair with Mike Baldwin. A furious Ken found out but forgave her. But it was Ken’s infidelity with Wendy Crozier that led to their separation in 1989 and divorce in 1992. She married Moroccan waiter Samir Rachid in 1994 but he was stabbed to death the following year. Her next boyfriend Jon Lindsay led to Deirdre being wrongly imprisoned for crimes he committed but was released and found comfort again in Ken and they remarried in 2005, to everyone’s delight. 

Over the years, Deirdre worked at the builder’s yard, the corner shop, the council and as a receptionist at the medical centre. She also shared close friendships with Liz McDonald, Emily Bishop, Frankie Baldwin, Eileen Grimshaw and Bev Unwin.

While Deirdre was always portrayed as a serious character for most of her life on the street, she became a comedy character in her last years and won a legion of new fans. Indeed, she became a natural successor to her mother Blanche.

In 2014, Deirdre went to visit Bev as she was under strain from Peter’s impending court case. She never did return to the street and passed away from an aneurysm in 2015, leaving Ken, Tracy and many of the street’s residents in shock.

Were you a fan of Deirdre?

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C in Canada said...

Deirdre's only #3!? I thought for sure she had the top spot nailed down.
Deirdre was always one of my favorite characters. Whether she was tossing trifles, having her mug mashed in a Manchester tart, or simply having a cig with Liz, she was gold through and through.

Her belts should be in a museum along with her glasses!

Anonymous said...

I hope Becky's #1!!!

Zagg said...

I am pretty surprised that Deirdre's number 3. I really thought she would be number 1. She was an icon and pure Corrie gold for decades. She is my number one for sure.

Shells said...

I thought she would be #1 as well.

Ok, then I revise my prediction and put Becky in as #1.

For #2, it's got to be... Gail? I doubt it's Tracy, Fiz or Eileen. Or maybe Tina.

I go with Gail. :-)

Anonymous said...

Agree with everyone above - I thought Deirdre would come in at #1. Now it will either be Becky or Blanche.

One other thing. Deirdre was so much more than her relationships with men. She was the first single mother on Corrie (or maybe TV in general), started a business with Emily, served loyally as the face of Alf's corner store, as well as Councillor.

Mostly it seems like the men in her life sought (consciously or unconsciously) to drag her down, but she surfaced and prevailed nonetheless. I can't think of a character more singular and difficult to pigeon-hole, largely due to Anne Kirkbride's brilliant habitation of the role.

Sherrilan Laroche said...

Glad she made the top 5. Loved her. As for Gail, did I not read she did not make the list? Becky is the only person left on my list. Hope she makes the next 2.

Shells said...

You're right - Gail didn't make the list. I hadn't read that before.

Must be Blanche and Becky.

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