Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dolly-Rose Campbell: "I knit jumpers for my dog"

There's a great interview in this week's Inside Soap magazine with Dolly-Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma Winter in Coronation Street.

Dolly-Rose looks so unlike Gemma it's unreal. She is so far removed from the gobby, chavvy character that we love (and some of us hate) on Corrie.  I love Gemma though, I'm firmly a fan.

In the interview, Dolly-Rose says that she likes knitting and sewing in her free time and even knits jumpers for her dog. 

She loves playing Gemma and says it's the best character she's had.  Before she joined Corrie she says: "I did lots of work in radio and starred in quite a few dramas, usually as younger characters.  The last thing I did before Corrie was a radio programme playing a woman in prison who was having a baby.  That was really good because the play came about from doing workshops with women from Styal prison - that was really interesting."

The best thing about playing Gemma, she says, is any scene where Gemma is eating, especially biscuits. "It might look like I'm only having one on screen, buf if we do loads of takes then I get to eat lots and sometimes I get through a whole packet."

You can view Dolly-Rose's acting CV here.

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C in Canada said...

I think Gemma is great, and glad they brought her back. There is definitely lots of potential for her character to grow.

Canadian watcher said...

I love Gemma too. She reminds me of the early Becky and early Kylie. You initially dislike them as they appear to have no redeeming features, but they eventually worm their way into your heart. W'll be saying goodbye to Kylie soon so here's hoping Gemma's character grows in a similar fashion.

Zagg said...

Try as I may, I can't stand her. The loud constant shouting is way over the top for me.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Gemma and Kylie and Becky is the latter two are very talented actresses. Unfortunately,Dolly's just not very good. Her performance is very OTT,and lacking in any depth or nuance.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they brought this character back at all. She's just mouthy and shouting. Like the last poster, I don't really care for her acting style, but that is just my opinion.

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