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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 4th April

Hi and welcome to another eventful week on the street.

Tracy's coming to the realisation that there are downsides to having a successful businessman boyfriend: early mornings, late nights, wedding menu discussions with nemeses... She can't catch a moment to tell Robert that she thinks she might be up the duff (medical term) and when she does get him alone, her jealousy rises to the surface and she ends up blabbing her secret, that she knows Robert's secret. Robert, to his credit, doesn't reference Tracy's prison fling with Rob Donovan, but instead wonders when Tracy will turn "that bile and hatred onto me". He doesn't buy her story of her getting her revenge on Carla in order to secure the Bistro for him, because who else but a psychopath would? He trusts Tracy so little that he insists on seeing the (negative) pregnancy test, rather than taking her word for it.

People talk of Platt-fatigue, but I'll be glad of a bit of Tracy-rest when this storyline finally concludes, and I'm with lowculture: I'll miss Carla, but when is she getting her exit story? She can't really slope off to LA, tail 'twixt legs, when Nick finds out that she gambled with their relationship in the casino, can she? Ms Connor really deserves a victorious, vengeful departure.

The second of the love triangles is Michelle, Steve (who is still "happy as a pig in muck" in Spain), and thingy, Michelle's ex from circa 1990. Sean, who has gained some kind of godly wisdom since dating Billy, advises her to drop thingy and Saskia as wedding customers, whist Liz, surely going for the top prize in the new Interfering Mother In Law category at the British Soap Awards, looks on stonily, offering a few barbed comments and generally making daughters in law over the land nod grimly. She is so determined to stick her neb in that she doesn't even notice the attentions of the granddad of one of Amy's pals from music class - it must be serious if Liz doesn't clock that a man is interested in her! Amy is currently being given the best lines and she can deliver the heck out of them, offering to buy Liz a bungalow in Lytham St Annes when she's a famous violinist like Lindsey Stirling, and talking about writing a song about a dead dog/slug.

"My lovely, lovely, lovely dead dog...running through the fields..."
When Saskia objects to Michelle dumping her and thingy as clients, Sean offers his services as Assistant Wedding Planner, wondering how hard it can be. "Drape some fabric hither and thither, a few fairylights...a trained chimpanzee could do it." Should've negotiated a day-rate, Sean!

Total crush of the heart
Someone else handing out advice, via a circuitous route featuring Bonnie Tyler, is Tim, who sympathises with Sophie re: her (probably requited) crush on Kate as they wash cars together (in overalls, not sexy bikinis: it's cold up north). Sean is already trying his wedding planner skills as they discuss the hen party; he suggests sashaying burlesque and "Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians" t-shirts, but Kate's not feeling it, probably because she knows that she's going to end up with Sophie. I imagine that she reads spoilers, like the rest of us.

Tonight's comedy storyline is the new feud in town. In the blue corner: The Crafty Community Worker Yasmeen! In the red corner: The Cunning Councillor Sally! Who will win in the battle of Pillar Of The Community versus Key Player In Weatherfield? Sally may claim that nobody messes with Councillor Metcalfe and lives to tell the tale, but my money's on Yasmeen. She seduces Jason with deep-fried delicacies, then moves the boundary fence half a foot to the right, stealing Sally's garden and Vitamin D in the process. Jason sits on the fence - not literally, he goes home for his tea, but Sally refuses to mend fences and decides to abuse her position on the council and get onto Cllr Stevens about her issue. Stick to bottoming your tallboy, Sal.

In other news, Andy intends to "bog off" to Brighton to see Michael, who has probably already accidentally started a hapless ice-cream war, Beth invents the new floral concept of "Bouquets That Bite", and Jason discovers the fact that there's a list with rich people on it.

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Anonymous said...

Why exactly does Robert stay in relationship with Tracy when he knows all her warts. The woman is mostly warts so why hang around a toad win a dress and red lipstick? If it turns out she really is pregnant, a big if, well that is why they invented abortion.

Anonymous said...

The highlights of tonight's episode were Yasmeen, always on the ball with a great sense of humour, Tim for being so insightful and funny, and most definitely Sean, I think he would be a great asset to the wedding planning future - heck he has much more flamboyant ideas than dreary Michelle. The rest were just plain nasty.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I read that Carla will persuade Robert to patch it up with Tracy to stop her spilling the beans to Nick. But if Robert and Carla both declare their innocence, surely Nick is more inclined to believe them than a spurned Tracy. What was the point of the false pregnancy test? Might it be that she really is pregnant and the test didn't pick it up.

abbyk said...

One other highlight was Carla and Leanne talking like the good friends they used to be, but the best was the bit with Robert and the truth about Tracy. Speak about someone who reads the blogs, twice in two weeks he said what we viewers have screaming for years. Plainly. To her face. Amen!

In time, as everyone on the street must be paired up, I think I might like Leanne and Robert together. It remains to be seen what happens with Nick post Carla.

Sally, Yasmeen, ridiculous. Liz, your precious little boy is a man and if he's well enough to take care of Andy, he's well enough to do his job. Yes, Michelle has every reason to be tired and snappish, and she is also allowed to have friends. Butt out.

Digger said...

"Might it be that she really is pregnant and the test didn't pick it up." Highly unlikely. False positives are possible; false negatives so rare as to be almost non-existent. By the time she's far enough gone to be worried about it, a test would be +ve. Only reason I can come up with for the test was to allow Robert to display his relief at not being trapped in a relationship with Toxic Tracy.

And yes that whole Liz being suspicious thing was totally irrelevant and overblown.

Carla should've clued Robert up much earlier. And Feisty Carla would have done, but we've been served up a dollop of Downtrodden Carla to give her an exit line. Shame.

Tvor said...

And on another aspect, you would think that Jason might object to moving the fence so much that someone's property is cut off. That would be illegal wouldn't it, unless there were survey maps to indicate the property borders. I think it would be funny if Sally found out that the original fence that Mavis and Derek erected was in the wrong place all these years. I know it was knocked down once when Des's boat crashed over so it could have been rebuilt in the wrong place then.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Michelle,I keep thinking that when Steve became friends with Andrea when they were classmates in college, Michelle was jealous of their friendship and working together on papers but Liz is the 'mother in law from Hell'for suspecting there's more to Michelle's and Will's friendship[and there is,]?
Granted Steve is in the wrong for staying away so long but at the same time I don't like the idea of his absence being used as a ploy for an affair.I also question Michelle's professionalism if she continues to plan a wedding for a woman who's fiancée may no longer love her.

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