Friday, 1 April 2016

Coronation Street cast new Jack Webster

There's a new face on Coronation Street as little Jack Webster has been re-cast.  Scream Management tweeted to say that child actor Kyran Bowes has been cast in the role. 

Kyran replaces twin brothers Jaxon & Maddox Beswick who both played young Jack Webster previously.

Jack was born in September 2010, which makes him five years old.

In scenes filmed this week in Blackpool, Kyran has been working with the cast.  He stars in a storyline featuring Jenny Bradley saving his life when she's in Blackpool on a date with Johnny Connor.  You can find out more here.

We'll first see Kyran as Jack Webster on screen on Wednesday 11th May.

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abbyk said...

Another case of SORAS? This boy looks a couple of years older than the current Jack(s). He does look more like Kevin and Sophie, though.

Anonymous said...

now I understand what Jordan was writing about the other day - talk about a leap into the future. Definitely SORAS

C in Canada said...

What is SORAS?

They could have at least found a kid who looked like Jack...this kid is brunette instead of blonde.


MartesBC said...

Cool! Good luck to Kyran Bowes he will help develop little Jack Webster into a proper speaking role. What a special thing to do!

MartesBC said...
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Anonymous said...

C in Canada...SORAS is a term used for soap children which means Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. It came about because of the way American soaps have a child born in 1992 and by 1993 they are off to a boarding school, returning in 1995 at the age of 20!
If the new Jack was born in 2010, this would not really be a case of SORAS as baby Jack was born in 2010 as well. Children some times have the look of being older even if they are from the same birth year.
Hope that helps! Cheers and many Blessings

Anonymous said...

I was born with black hair that quickly turned blonde. By the time I was 5, my hair was brunette and has remained that way ever since. This is a common occurrence with children, particularly when their parents are both brunette or dark haired. No surprise that Jack's hair colour would change as he aged and it's obvious this recasting is to reflect his aging.

Anonymous said...

He looks fine/age appropriate to me--like a really smart, precocious little kid (genetically speaking probably too smart for Kevin and Molly ha ha!). Probably re-cast because the actor is now going to have a larger, speaking role--perhaps the twins who played him before couldn't carry it off or didn't want a more involved role. Let's hope we don't get the rants here about what a crappy actor this five year-old is!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this plot line with Jenny and Jack. Must be an unimaginably painful to lose your child in an accident like that, and the actress conveys her anguish very well. Even though it's soapland and the rescue is far-fetched (of course), it will still be nice to see a little chance for grace in the face of such pain! jeanie

coconno196 said...

At least he looks the right age and his darker hair makes him more believable as Kevin and Molly ' s child. The current Jacks only look 2 or 3, and barely speak, whereas a 5 - year - old would be chatting all the time. Btw, a fair boy/ man is blond. Blonde is the female for. ��

Anonymous said...

Well done to the little boy who plays the new Jack Webster, watched his first episode the other day, what a great little actor he is going to be, and what a little cutie pie he is too, great likeness of Kevin Webster, cant wait to watch the drama unfold in the Blackpool episode.
Well done indeed little Jack !! your new fan!

Zadie Phil said...

Isn't the whole Blackpool/Jenny thing too much of a deja vu? Have they run out of story lines?

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