Saturday, 5 January 2013

Where have you seen Lewis' friend Patrick before?

Where have you seen Lewis' friend, Patrick before? Simon Rouse will be known to many fans of The Bill as Sun Hill's Superintendent Jack Meadows, who he played for 20 years.

Simon has also starred in many other dramas such as Minder, Doctor Who and Casualty, but eagle eyed Corrie fans, might just recognise him as Graham Farrel who appeared in the street back in 1988, in fact, we even have a picture.

I have no doubt that Patrick was probably not really the owner of a hotel abroad, and that he is in fact one of Lewis' con artists mates, which makes me wonder, will we be seeing more of him?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Immediately recognised him as an inspector from the Bill. Not the type to have an upmarket five star hotel though Frosty wouldnt have thought. Should have got a more suave character - Simon Williams for instance. Miscasting again,

Anonymous said...

Agree whole heartdly.

abbyk said...

Haven't seen you in 20 years but you knew what a sophisticated bon vivant I've become and tracked me down at a backstreet bistro? What a well staged show for Gail's snooping benefit. She does deserve payback for what she did to Audrey, but complete ruin is above and beyond.

Geez, Audrey and Lewis still plainly care for each other. Enough already, find a creative way to end the scheming and get them back together. Seeing them as a happy couple would be punishment enough for Gail and Gloria.

Anonymous said...

He also appeared in 1975 as a murderer's alibi. And in The Bill his character was close to Andrew Lancel's character.

Stephen said...

"and that he is in fact one of Lewis' con artists mates"

Well, isn't he the chap Lewis was chatting with in the car, about a month ago, and Lewis was saying, in his Macchiavellian manner, that his plan was working?

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